Harassment By Mr. Ravindra Babu Claims Division, Bajaj Insurance Visakhapatnam
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Harassment by Mr. Ravindra Babu (Ph: 9949995160) Claims Division, Bajaj Insurance Visakhapatnam, reg policy no: OG-09-1004-1801-00016904, Claim no: OC-09-1804-1801-00003824

Mr. Ravindra Babu is harassing us by cheating, misleading, fraud, causing monetary loss and abetting un due delay in the work by managing the workshop people with respect to the repair of Hyundai i-10 (Policy no: OG-09-1004-1801-00016904, Claim no: OC-09-1804-1801-00003824).

Our Hyundai car i-10 AP31 AU 7118 was initially insured with ICICI Lombard but renewed with Bajaj Insurance on the personal request of your agent Mr. Ali for the succeeding year (2008-2009). The car met with an accident on Feb 11, 2009. All the required documents were submitted to Mr. Ravi(Ravindrababu) for speedy processing. The car was then handed over to the Hyundai Servicing Center, Visakhapatnam; after peripheral examination the initial repair costs were estimated at Rs.1,40,000/-. It was certified as a Major damage (by both Hyundai Service Center and Bajaj Insurance personnel) and we were told that the actual cost may rise to Rs. 2 lakh after the commencement of the work. Mr.Ravi directed us to pay a minimum of 25% of the total amount as the cost borne by the customer and gave an approval to the Hyundai Servicing Center to start the work without our consent. We ordered the Hyundai Servicing Center not to proceed.

To limit the costs of repair, we handed over the car to private workshop (Murugan Motors, Visakhapatnam) where it was estimated around one lakh by the workshop owner. Thereon your agent started harassing us firstly by not issuing the work order to the Private workshop for a period of 15 days. Mr. Ravi offered to pay Rs 60,000/- as pre settlement for the claim and when we asked for 70,000/- the negotiations failed. The work order was issued only after my personal visit to your office and no copy was sent to us, even after my request. He has been in constant communication with Private workshop without keeping us in the loop.

Mr. Ravi managed the private workshop people in procrastinating the work (for a period of 5 months and loitering till today) and threatening us to take RS 43,000/-(without bills) as a claim, failing which the total claim would be annulled. After we denied the offer, he began sending us notices frequently to close the claim prior to completion of the work by managing the bills.

I don’t seem to make out his underlying intention for delaying the work and settlement of the claim. At first he approved Rs.1,40,000/- for Hyundai Service Center citing it as a major damage and that too without our consent but for the private workshop he is ready to approve only 43,000/- calling it as minor damage now. Added to that as a pre settlement he offered Rs.60,000/- but now he has further brought it down to Rs.43,000/-. We also came to know that for a one year old vehicle only 10% will be paid by the customer but he misguided by charging us at 25%.He is causing great mental agony and monetary loss for us.

We request your good self to intervene and settle the issue at the earliest and take necessary action on him (Mr. Ravi) for cheating and harassing the customers and degrading the company’s name & fame. We have already filed a police complaint on the Private Workshop for delaying the work.

Thank you.


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    Boycott all these unscrupulous private companies like - ICI See Eye bank, Siiti bank, tatha Indicom, relianze communications etc....