Haridwar - Of Stairways To The Beyond
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Haridwar is a very popular tourist destination located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and it is also a very famous destination for pilgrims from across the country. Haridwar has something for everyone, and the place is a mesh of ancient Indian traditions and modern Indian values and ethics.

Living in Haridwar can present you with a kaleidoscopic view on things, and can show you in stark contrast the cultural significance of the place. You can experience aspects of local traditions and cultures in Haridwar that you cannot find anywhere else, and this is one of the main reasons why the town of Haridwar intrigues a lot of people and draws them towards itself. In order to experience the magic behind this town’s magnetism, you will have to opt for a stay in one of Haridwar hotels in order to make sure that you spend a good amount of time in peace.

Haridwar is mainly a destination for peace of mind, and this is exactly what you will get in these hotels in Haridwar. Hotels in Haridwar are all quite secluded in a mental level, even though they might be located bang in the middle of the market place. While staying in a hotel room in Haridwar, you need not worry about any aspect of your trip at all as all possible aspects will be effectively taken care of.

The hotels in the town of Haridwar will normally provide all residents with pure vegetarian food, and other types of international cuisine. The food available will, however, depend on the type of hotel that you plan to stay in. You can opt for a room from a normal budget hotel, or from a mid range hotel (where luxury will meet usability) or you can splurge all your money in a high end hotel or resort.

Hotel Shiv Murti, Haveli Hari Ganga, Ginger Haridwar, County Inn and Suites and Hotel Hari Heritage provide very good services in the high end sector of hotels. Rooms in these hotels will be very well equipped with large television sets, unlimited internet connection (mainly though Wi-Fi), a very helpful front desk that can help you out with issues related to booking tickets in advance and planning your trip and constant hot water supply. Air conditioned rooms and non air conditioned rooms will also be available based on your preference. Make sure you opt for such rooms, as they only cost around 6000 INR per night.

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