Harish Rao, First Damage Your Own Properties : AU JAC
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Harish Rao, First Damage Your Own Properties : AU JAC

The Andhra University JAC in response to Harish Rao's challenge to Chiranjeevi to come to Osmania University, has dared Harish Rao himself to come to Andhra University JAC if he has any guts. They claimed that the Osmania University also has rowdys belonging to the TRS party who are mingling with the students. They wondered in such circumstances it is really foolish of Harish Rao to throw such challenge to Chiranjeevi. They claimed that the Harish Rao would not even hesitate to kill Chiranjeevi in the Osmania University with the help of "external forces". They cite the example of the recent attack on the TDP leaders by the external people like Srikanth.

The Andhra University JAC also said the TRS leaders are pure cowards. They asked the TRS leaders to damage their large houses and businesses before doing damage on the private and the public properties.

The Andhra University JAC has claimed that the TRS leaders are only worried about their properties and political future. They said that they can hire goons and rowdys to attack on the TRS people in Hyderabad but they would not stoop to such low levels of the TRS leaders and rowdys they claimed.



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