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A heart is not a playing thing, A heart is not a toy, but if you want it broken, Just give it to a boy.
Boys,they like to play with things To see what makes them run, But when it comes to kissing, They do it just for fun.
Boys never give their hearts away They play us girls for fools, They wait until we give our hearts And then they play it cool.
You will wonder where he is at night, You will wonder if he is true, One moment you will be happy, One moment you will be blue.
If you get the chance to see him, Your heart begins to dance, Your life revolves around him,
There's nothing like r o m a n c e.
And then it starts to happen, You worry day and night, You see my friend, you're losing him
It never turns out right.
Boys are great though immature, The $price$ you $pay$ is $high$, He may seem sweet and gorgeous, But remember he is just a guy.
Don't fall in love with just a boy, That's takes a lot of nerve.
You see my friend,you need a man, To get what you deserve.
So when you think that you're in love, Be careful if you can Before you give your heart away Make sure that he's a man.


There are many good things in life, Like cars,$money$,and weed.
But if you want something c o n f u s i n g, A girl is all you need.
A girl doesn't say what she wants, But you're somehow supposed to know, If they want to do this or do that, Stay here,stay there,or just go.
Then there's the time,you all know what I mean, That monthly little j o y, That lets them a buse the shit out of you, just for being a boy.
If you ever dare to look at another girl, They seem to scream,go on,and panic.
But watch how fast they ignore you, at the sight of that queer from "Titanic".
They give you questions like, "Am I fat?", And "If you could go with one of my friends,who?", There is no answer, face the facts, You are definitely through.
They take nothing and blow it up, And make a tremendous fuss, So girls no matter what you think, You are just as hard to u n d e r s t a n d as us.



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  • I hate girls (except one).First of all, I´m not gay. I´ve done verything i can to get at least 1 girl interessed but no results. I study, i train a lot, i do sports, i was kind, i was tolerant, I even tryed to not be myself (that´s the last thing i tryed), I payed them a lot o attention, I wear nice clothes, I got a job. I bought them stuff etc. Everything, but still nothing. These "girls" have evolved from a goal into a Fucking pain in my life.