Have You Lost Your Mobile Phone ?
Shilpa • onDid You Know 12 years ago • 2 min read

Here's what you can do...

For GSM Phones 1. Call up the "Customer Care" helpline of your airtime provider and ask them to deactivate the SIM. 2. Call up the police. Submit them the IMEI number of your phone (which you should have noted before the theft).

If you haven't lost your cellphone as yet, here's what you can do. Don't delay it... Just bring your cellphone near the computer and do it now !

Instructions : Look behind the battery of your phone. To confirm, type *#06# on the keypad. Note this IMEI number down. * Report this IMEI number to the police if your cell is stolen.

Knowledge Tit-Bits A unique code encrypted in each mobile, known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, is now being used to trace a mobile anywhere in the country. Even if the SIM card (network) is changed, it can be traced.

Whenever a phone logs onto a particular network to make or receive calls, its IMEI number is emitted and this gets registered. In case of stolen phones, the service provider can pass on the information to the police. and they can trace the user through the SIM card. It is possible to even track down gangs running cellphone-stealing rackets.

But I'm On CDMA.... Help ! Sorry. This technology is not available in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) mobiles. Handset can be traced only if used in the same network. The programming can be changed very easily and it can be activated for a different service.



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  • Guest 7 years ago
    my mobie model is W350i. And its IMEI no. is 35286301-280050-9. it is really very imp mobie for me plzzzz do gelp me to find the mobile plzz..... will be waiting for reply.