Having Over Masturbation Side Effects And Cure For Masturbation
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Masturbation and ejaculation seriously activate nervous functions excessively just due to which excessive sex hormones are produced so there is a big change of body chemistry all due to very frequent masturbation. Masturbation refers to touching one's sex organs for pleasure. It is also called self-pleasuring or self-love. Those in the health field agree that masturbation is a common, natural behavior.

  1. Emotional and Social Effects: - Though not a disorder itself, obsessive masturbation can be a symptom of sexual addiction, a compulsive disorder. Sexual addiction can have other more dangerous behaviors, including high-risk sexual activity. In younger men and women, masturbation becomes an issue when it is performed in public or risky areas, or if over-masturbation begins to interfere with school or healthy social relationships, as this may be a signal of real or perceived emotional deprivation.
  1. Negative Side Effects: - Medical community concurs that there are no negative physical side effects however some people may develop guilt from the act due to their religious and/or cultural background. Also, compulsive masturbation may be a symptom of an obsessive/compulsive disorder if it interferes with a person's daily life.
  2. Sexual Effects: - Men who over-masturbate often have problems with premature ejaculation. Further, compulsive masturbation may be offensive to your sexual partner, as it may be seen as a substitute for seeming unsatisfactory intercourse. Frequent sexual activity masturbation or intercourse also creates a surplus of sex hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Other Side Effects of Over - Masturbation: -

• Cramps and aches experienced in the pelvic zone, groins, and testicles • Disturbance in eyesight or fuzzy vision • Lower back pain • Hair loss or thinning out of hair • Numb or weak erectile problems • Persistent feeling of fatigue almost at all times • Early and untimely ejaculation • Stress, fatigue, and memory loss might also be some of the adverse psychological side effects. • Extreme cases might also lead to impotence. • It is also potentially harmful for liver in that it disturbs the function of releasing those enzymes that help in hormonal production.

How to Masturbate: - For Men

• Find an appropriate place where you can be alone for an extended period of time. This would usually be at home when no one else is around. Lock the door and make sure you won't be interrupted. • Use lubrication. This will make it much easier to pleasure yourself. Petroleum jelly and skin lotion work well. • Turn on an adult video or look at a pornographic magazine if you'd like. A lot of men use this to create a fantasy while they masturbate. If you've got a vivid imagination, just picture the things that turn you on. • Try different methods of pleasuring yourself. Check out a website for ideas. If you're used to trying something one way, try it another way. The change might bring you a different level of pleasure. • Move your hips while you masturbate. This simulates the thrusting motion of sex. It can also enhance your fantasy because you're physically acting it out in a way. • Try out a few toys if you're comfortable with the idea. These can offer you a variety of stimulation choices in addition to your hand.

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