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Singapore is a famous honeymoon purpose. The island of Singapore comprises of many world well-known lover spots.

Singapore comprises of 63 smaller islands. Due to the mixture of Chinese, Malay and Hindu cultures, Malaysia has turn out to be a top honeymoon destination.

Exquisite cuisine along with natural delights makes Singapore a dream destination. City's highlight is the world's highest man-made waterfall (30 meters) located at the Jurong Bird Park.

The islands in Singapore offer panoramic views. Singapore has confidential beaches along the shores of blue seas.

For an ultimate honeymoon experience, you must take your associate to the private beaches of Singapore. The lush vegetation and the wide sandy expanse make them look appealing and attractive.

Singapore consists of the main, low-lying Singapore Island and 63 smaller islands within its territorial waters.

Its intricate artistic basket is woven with the fibers of customary Chinese, Malay and Hindu cultures that have well-known themselves on this tiny island.

The name Singapore is resultant from the Sanskrit term Singa Pura which means a Lion City. This island homeland offers visitors a tantalizing range of attractions from cultural, natural, and cooking delights.

Beaches of Singapore

Changi Beach

The grim history of Changi Beach dates back during the World War II and Japanese Occupation. It was the site for the butchery of 66 Chinese men by the Japanese soldiers.

East Coast Park Beach

Situated on the south-eastern front of the island, this is the longest and most popular beach make bigger in Singapore.

Punggol Beach

A quiet neighbourhood in the northeastern part of Singapore, Punggol has transformed itself into a new housing society. The Punggol area was once sprinkled with farmhouses, rearing hen, pig and fish farming, as well as plantation.

Sembawang Beach

The serene beach and its pleasant park, was previously land engaged by the British Forces. At the Sembawang Jetty, stood the previous colonial residence of Admiral Beaulieu, which was restored.

Sentosa Palawan Beach

Great thing about livelihood in Singapore is that weekend getaway are just a hop, skip and jump away. Palawan Beach is a great escape for all workaholics.

Singapore Travel Guide

The island country of Singapore, with its varied cultures and religions, is a paradise for the shopaholics.

It is one of the most favored tourist destinations for travelers across the world. Every year, a large number of tourists flock to Singapore to take pleasure in the grandeur and charm the place offer.

Singapore offers a just the thing mix of the present and past, skyscrapers and serene landscape, and beautiful seats of worship, apart from several other impressive tourist spots.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

This island state of world tourists’ attractions in Singapore for enjoyment trips and holidaying in the best places in Singapore.

Tourists visit Singapore from end to end out the year. However the best time to visit Singapore is the cheerful seasons.

Conversely, despite the fact that Singapore has no meticulous season, according to the genre of the tourist hailing from some part of the world the peak tourist seasons for Singapore differ.

In January every year, the entire Chinese population of Singapore celebrates the Chinese New Year on a grand scale.
China-town, one of the well-liked attractions of Singapore, the area most tightly inhabited by the Chinese will wear a festive look, with bright streamer, lighting up the entire area with beautiful luminaries.

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