Health Benefits Of Carrot Juice
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Carrots should be considered a goldmine of natural vitamins and nutrients. Among other raw vegetable juices, carrot juice is an absolute leader in the context of the variety of its therapeutic effects, the contents of useful elements and its compatibility with other juices or foods. Nutritional and therapeutic values of carrot juice were discovered by the health practitioners of early European civilizations.

Carrots originate from the Mediterranean region, where this vegetable was used by the Ancient Greeks since the 20th century B.C. They loved drinking carrot juice for its excellent cleansing effects and, in addition, it was considered a good remedy for constipation and physical exhaustion.

Carrot juice plays the most important part in an infant's supply of vitamin A. When carrot juice is consumed jointly with milk, the utilization of carotene as vitamin A is considerably increased. A carrot and milk juice is the ideal vitamin A source for infants and can in no case lead 10 the risk of the child having too much A.

Carrot Juice Benefits

  1. Carrot juice is great for natural skin care. Given below is a list of carrot juice skin benefits.

  2. Vitamin A is essential for tissue growth in the body. Carrots contain vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Therefore, with daily intake of carrot juice, one doesn't need to take vitamin A supplements.

  3. Vitamin A in carrot is an excellent natural antioxidant. Antioxidants slow down the process of aging by scavenging on free radicals. These free radicals cause many health problems like eczema, dermatitis, wrinkles and even rashes. Thus, vitamin A in carrot juice plays a major role in skin care.

  4. One of the most important carrot juice benefits for skin, is that it fights sun damage. Carrots contain carotenoids and powerful antioxidants. Carotenoids help to protect, and condition the skin. Antioxidants in carrots increase the skin's immunity against sun and also help in healing sunburn. Drinking carrot juice in summer will act as a natural sunblock.

  5. Vitamin C in carrots help in collagen production in the body. Collagen is an essential protein for skin elasticity. Collagen helps to prevent wrinkles and locks the process of aging.

  6. Lack of potassium can make your skin dry and also cause muscle spasms, which can be prevented by drinking potassium rich carrot juice.

  7. Carrot juice helps to reduce blemishes. Apply carrot juice regularly on blemishes to see the effect.

  8. Drinking carrot juice and plenty of water will keep your body and skin well hydrated.

  9. Carrot is used for the prevention and cure of many skin ailments. So, carrot is used as the main ingredient in many skin products.

  10. It is a very good alternative medicine for the skin. Regular drinking of carrot juice will keep your skin smooth, soft and supple.

  11. Carrot juice is also helpful for treating uneven skin tones due to pigmentation.

  12. Juice of carrots contains essential oils, which help in proper digestion. This helps in eliminating and preventing acne. Thus, carrot juice for acne is one of the best natural acne cures.

  13. Another known sobriquet for carrot is herbal healer. Carrot juice is beneficial in preventing and curing of scars.

  14. Carrot has anti-inflammatory property, and helps to revitalize and tone the skin.

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