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Obesity is a very tough opponent to fight. While gaining weight is extremely easy and takes such a short time, losing weight is a war in itself. We starve ourselves, give up all our favorite savories and exercise for hour together but the weighing scale never moves an inch!

If you are one of those who are striving on rabbit food just so you can lose a few extra pounds you must know you are wasting your time. Crashing your meals and calories will not make you thin or healthy. Look at it this way, when you crash your meals you are depriving yourself of all necessary nutrients.

This will cause deficiencies in your body and further deteriorate your health. Also when you have drastically cut down your calories you are extremely devoid of energy and you end up being too tired to exercise.

A healthy diet is not that which makes you curse the chef or giving up all your taste buds. A healthy diet on the other hand will make feel great, give you plenty more energy and also keep you sharp, calm and happy. Healthy diets are not just about what you eat, they are about how you eat too. Here are a few diet tips that will keep you healthy and energetic!

Begin gradually When you begin to diet and cut down on your eating habits, you must remember to take it gradually. Overnight you cannot give up eating a thousand calories, this will make your body extremely weak and also you will not keep self control for long.

Eat In Portions It does not matter if you want to eat ice creams or pizzas: just remember to cut down on the size of the servings. Also break down your meals into parts over time intervals. This will prevent you from getting hungry soon.

Don’t Rush It matter how you eat. Don’t rush in meals while watching television, while working or during travels. Take time to finish each meal, gradually.

Snack On Vegetables If you feel hungry between meals and just cannot resist visiting the kitchen, keep your hands away from the bread and cheese. Instead snack on vegetables and fruits. Stock up your kitchen with varieties of veggies and plan new recipes of salads for meals.

Reward yourself If you manage to attain the target weight loss in the required time you may reward your self with indulges. This helps keep the enthusiasm going!

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  • Sneha 9 years ago
    It is not only fast eating, it also depends what type of food you are eating.