Healthy Diet For Painful Periods
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Painful periods are known as dysmenorrhea or even more commonly as menstrual cramps, and can be explained in simple words as menstrual periods with a sporadic, dull pain occurring in the area of the pelvis or in the lower abdomen. Many women of childbearing age suffer from these kinds of problems related to pain and pain may begin before menstruation or during periods.

It normally stops with the end of the periods. A little pain or a small amount of discomfort during periods is normal but when the severe pain starts accompanied with lots of blood loss, the problem should be addressed immediately as it may well affect the health and well being of the woman. Pain during periods is sometimes an unpredictable, normal phenomenon for some women.

Pains during periods are noticed in women commonly in their late teenage years or early twenties and they tend to decrease as they grow older. Periods are not related to or affected by childbearing. Sometimes women end up experiencing very painful periods in their thirties or their forties due to a marked decrease in their endocrine hormone levels leading to the state of menopause.

Pain during periods are actually the menstrual pain occurring in healthy women and are not related to any problems with pelvic organs or uterus. It’s normal and generally is caused due to having never given birth to a child, obesity, cigarette smoking, having positive family histories, etc.

The main indicators of painful periods are vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, backache, as well as headache. A healthy diet should be adopted to avoid painful periods and such a diet should consist of dairy products, red meat, vegetable oils. Food having high amounts of unsaturated fats should be avoided completely during painful periods. Food should be chewed properly such that it’s digestible and does not cause any gas problems.

Healthy diets consist of food rich in fibers like, whole grains, oatmeal, rye, lentils, chickpeas, fruits and obviously vegetables. Herbs such as ashwagandha, licorice, vitamin C and B vitamins should constitute a healthy diet as it helps a lot in relieving stress, one of the main reasons for pain during periods.

An increase in the consumption of sugar in the diet helps decrease painful periods. But, usage of sugar should be avoided by women with diabetes. The consumption of caffeine, alcohol and soda should be avoided or substantially reduced during periods as they nullify the effects and benefits of a healthy diet.

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