Healthy Eating Makes Your Child Healthy
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When children make their body they required more nutrients so that body gets proper nutrition. In the age of 10 and after huge changes in body structure their body wants more healthy nutrients.

But at this time you give unhealthy food or junk food to children that resulting in malnutrition and obesity. If you want children make healthy and lose their overweight, you need to be determinate, supportive and gentle with your children.

Here are giving some tips which are useful in losing weight and staying healthy:

Avoid the junk food– You have to avoid junk food in your child diet. You should teach your child harmful effects of junk food and emphasize on fruits juices, milk shakes instead of soft drink Add some fruits and vegetables–Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in your child meal.

Give time to find taste of your child and make healthy food include fruits and vegetables. Daily workout – Motivate your children to get outdoors and play. Try to make them life discipline like sleeping and wake up time. Give more time to physical exercise they helpful in losing weight or stay healthy.

Family health – Try to make healthy atmosphere in your family. All family members should take healthy food and exercise together can be fun. It is beneficial to your child in staying healthy and being thin. Choose the appropriate food – You should include vitamin and carbohydrates in your basic meal. Avoid those food which has low calories because in teenage you child want large calories for restructure of your child body.

Plan for Picnic – Make a plan for weekend picnic instead of being stuck indoors. Play outdoor games like handball, running and badminton which are useful in calorie burn. Extra curriculum classes – Encourage your child to join extra curriculum classes like karate, swimming, dancing or gymnastics. It’s the time to learn something new and lose weight.

Modern lifestyle food gives worse impact in your child health. Some time both of spouse busy in his life then it difficult to cook healthy food you give packed food to your child. You should encourage taking healthy food instead of soft drink. Children follow parents step then make sure you also take healthy food in your basic meal. You care about your child lifestyle because once they started taking packed food then it too hard to change this habit.

You should take care of child health for maintain health and avoid any diseases take proper inception by doctor every month. If your children have faced the problem of obesity make sure you don’t be taunting on obesity because give bad impact. Some time obesity in children cause of depression and children caught by some anonyms fear. Encourage your child to do that works those help in burning calories. Children make sure avoid high calories food like chocolate, cold drink, potato chips and oily items. You should try to learn new healthy food that helps in making interest for healthy food in your child.

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