Healthy White Teeth And Fresh Breath
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Although the child is the spitting image of one of their parents, will not inherit the quality of your teeth, be it good or bad. While parents and children can have the same arrangement of the jaw, this does not imply at all that the children will suffer from dental caries of their elders.

Good habits, which have nothing to do with genetics, they do healthy teeth

. In the formation of caries, for example, involved some microorganisms present in plaque, sugar and food, which facilitates their destructive work. A third factor, the composition of saliva also plays a role.

In short, to ensure that children will have healthy teeth, parents should monitor their diet is correct and make good use of the toothbrush.


Can I do something during pregnancy?

It seems incredible, but true: Teething begins in the womb. In the tenth week of pregnancy starts the germination of the teeth and in the last quarter of the second dentition. This means that the mother who provides the raw material for your child's teeth. Therefore, pregnant women, should be taken at face value the recommendations on food they do gynecologists.

The abundance of dairy products, mainly low-fat and a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, will be a good seed for the teeth.

It is conceivable that such an important element for the teeth such as fluoride is a must during pregnancy. However, while the mouth of the pregnant woman concerned, their only child will benefit from it.

What is the best food for baby teeth


For the formation of teeth are needed, especially calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin D and trace amounts of fluoride. If the small already taking solid food, a varied and balanced menu and a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, will ensure that you have all of these essential nutrients. It is also important that when the baby begins to put everything in their mouth, give him a piece of bread the day before, or some bark to go train your gums. And, if possible, should take breakfast and snacks such as whole life. Sliced bread and cookies, which have an important place in children's diets can be detrimental to the teeth.

When should you start brushing teeth?

The habits are not acquired from the overnight, so the child must know that, henceforth, the tooth brushing is an inseparable task of food.

The first steps can make them with gauze or a cotton swab once a day, preferably in the evening. At the moment should not put too much zeal in dental hygiene because tooth enamel just out is still very soft and sensitive. Moreover, at this age, saliva production is often very abundant and is the best protection for your teeth at that time.

What is the best brush for a child?

The best brush for initiation must have an easy-grip handle, and bristles short head, if possible, fine and rounded edges to avoid damaging the gums. The part of the brush should be small so that the child can reach all teeth.

How do you teach them to wash your teeth?

The most important thing is that parents lead by example. It will not do the teaching, much emphasis placed on it, if children see adults to skip every now an important task. And for a guy, the best way to learn is how parents do. Do not forget to have such an important and useful as a stool or chair so that it looks in the mirror when you get down working.

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