Heart Care Tips And Home Remedies For Heart Diseases And Heart Care
Dr.Charles • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

The heart is a muscular organ responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. Taking specific steps to care for your heart can prolong your lifetime by decades.

Diseases of the heart are the leading cause of death, causing a higher mortality than cancer. Coronary heart disease is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths. Some 7 million men and 6 million women are living with some form of coronary heart disease in the United States alone. Around 1.3 million people suffer a new or recurrent coronary attack every year, and about 40% of them die as a result of the attack. This means that roughly every 65 seconds, an American dies of a coronary event.

There are several ways to take care of your heart. There are certain risk factors and preventative measures that one should take to reduce their chance of suffering from a heart disease. Heart care is not very difficult as it may sound but it is mainly about developing a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips for you to adopt as part of your routine.

  1. Regular Exercise. Working out on a regular basis such at least thrice a week is good for cardiac activity. The trick is to be moderate at exercising and not overdoing it. One should start with slow work out regime and then proceed to a target level that is achievable. However, it is also good to consult a doctor or a fitness instructor for the right type of exercise regime that should be followed. Don’t be too motivational and run into some strenuous exercise schedule on your own.

  2. Reduce Stress. Today’s lifestyle is just a rush hour and nothing else. One is always under pressure mentally and physically with regard to so many things. It’s however very important to relieve stress from your life. Stress stimulates the release of certain hormones in your body that are not good for your cardiac activity. You should engage yourself into yoga, meditation and keep your self close to recreation and nature in order to relax.

  3. Check your blood pressure regularly. If you do suffer from high blood pressure, then keep it control through medication and frequent consultation with your doctor.

  4. Eat low fat foods. Eating low fat foods especially those containing highly unsaturated fats should be avoided. Foods that are rich in cholesterol such as margarine, high fat dairy products and fried food should be avoided. Your diet should contain more fruits, vegetables, juices and whole grain.

  5. Healthy Weight loss. Losing weight puts less burden on the heart and hence makes cardiac activity more fluent and active. However, the route to weight loss should be healthy and maintained. You should resort to more healthy ways of losing weight such as cutting down on fats and exercising regularly.

  6. Avoid smoking. Cutting down on smoking and finally quitting it, is the best thing one can do to their heart. Smoking affects the blood flow in the arteries and thickens the walls of the arteries leading to high blood pressure.


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