Heavy Menstruation, No Reason To Be Disgust
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Menstruation, except in case of women and certain diseases and birth between the ages of blood from the uterus is. This piece is from the month from the curse, are also given names such as certain Permanent. Heavy Menstruation is, of course, a case is reserved for women. Dirty and toxic substances that accumulate in the body, Menstruation blood is thrown out with the body lighter, health finds. Therefore the fright Heavy Menstruation last requirement scared last requirement is no reason to be disgust.

Menstruation in women from the first two days, much blood flows. 2-3, 1-2 later cloth is enough to pollute. Flowing blood is up to approximately 100 grams. It not gets much blood clot, the road rash and internal membranes always very abundant in this way; many foreign germs get mixed up. All these pieces into a heavy smell of blood are given. Contained in external genital and also increased activity in oil gland oil leaked this bleeding part, he becomes heavy scent altogether.

Blood enters the dark and a thick Permanent. Clean disregard the microbes produce at the time, the very destruction of genital makes. Heavy smell is disgusting. Blood is not alone in pieces from a woman's skin, the heavy smell of sweat is broadcast, even when breathing is detected a heavy odor. In particular, attention to clean the sweat and the very obvious that the heavy scent, this body has increased between the toxic (poisonous) substances from the sweat and oil gland is from leaking out.

In women menstruate before Menstruation usually begins in Permanent and one after seeing the last several diseases occur. In the body malaise, lassitude, nausea, headaches, dizziness, indisposition, dyspepsia, flatulence, palpitations, perspiration, and in particular to cold feet, nose blockage, muting the sound to be heavy to hear, eyes in front of the flying insect, visual field narrowing of the color chosen not to good, itching of percent of blemishes and acne, such as erythematic and swelling of sores, bad temper, and become nervous, emotional crisis, such as ... Permanent month delay those that will exacerbate diseases. After seeing all these pieces of women's bodies a favor passing a light feel. All women from violence and other characteristics showing this month from disorders, as a result of us one day to the woman's recently more or less disturbed, and that these call any material, spiritual fatigue protected from possible in order to have a rest says.

Months in manners Fatigue: Many mental illness, more blood to divorce, the microbes take tense way to replicate, fever and inflammation of the ovaries to the uterus and is the reason, many times lead to severe discomfort. Woman in feminine separates can leave even vicious. We, the majority of women's diseases, primarily to infertility, women do not relax in our Permanent particular month; it occurs between themselves to overdo. Every woman should take them into consideration, patients should be aware of itself in months Permanent. These days should be spent in bed and order is not possible, or at least should be more cautious about being tired, the body, particularly of non-genital hygiene must be very careful.

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