Height Of Appeasement
Sunny • onGeneral 13 years ago • 3 min read

This is what is called as "height of minority appeasement". Are the politicians keep away thier brains when they take over the job.

The movie is written by a chritian, directed and produced by a christian. But why on this earth one should ban the show in India. To the heights, Italy supposedly the heaven for Roman catholics didnt ban this movie but...... To complete, let somebody save us from these politicians....

Subject: Should Da Vinci Code be banned?

  1. Should nude Hindu Goddesses by M.F. Husain be banned?
    NO. Husain sahab should be allowed to express his feelings freely. There should be no ban on freedom of _expression. Hindus should not let it hurt their sentiments.

  2. Should book by Salman Rushdie be banned?
    YES. No we are not siftling freedom of _expression. We are a securlar country and we do not want to hurt any community's sentiments.

  3. Should Da Vinci Code be banned?
    YES. See above.

  4. Should India support Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Islamic countries?
    YES. They are all secular countries like us and we should support them. They are our brothers. See there will always be rivalry between brothers. It is not bad blood.

  5. Should Pandits be driven out of the Kashmir Valley?
    Who Pandits. YES DRIVE THEM OUT IF THEY EXIST. What are they doing there?
    Why should they exist at all in this world.

  6. Should Modi be hung?
    YES. 10 times if possible. Obviously somebody committing genocide should be punished.

  7. Should we ban Water because it denigrates Old Hindu traditions?
    NO. See answers to questions 1, 2, and 3.

Do we need to say more?
Posted by Sundarraj Kaushik on 17-MAY-06

Subject: Old Demons 2.0 -Communalism, casteism back again

As a Catholic, I am appalled. At the government that is. Religious leaders have spent a lifetime focussed on only one aspect of life and dont have the bandwidth to accomodate different streams of thought.
However, any concessions given now will open a Pandora's box. Remember,how minority appeasing began with the historic Shah Bano case. It eventually ended in a decade long communally charged atmosphere ecompassing Babri, Mumbai riots and the state-sponsored massacre in Gujarat.

The reason was that the hindu community felt that they had enough of this minority mollycodling business and they naturally gravitated towards the fundamentalist parties. This had tragic consequences. 90s was a decade of despair. Of fundamentalism and casteism and economic despair. After Y2k, we had just managed to turn it all around with a booming economy when the old demons came back to haunt us.

Fundamentalism in Gujarat and now Congress-sponsored Casteism in the form of Mandal II. We have gone too far in the future. The last thing we want is minority appeasing appearing again leading to a cycle of appeasement policies for other minorities(muslims,sikhs)and an eventual majority backlash.



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