Helth Tips : Can Prostate Cancer Be Prevented..?
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Can Prostate Cancer Be Prevented? Contributor: Christopher Bruno Published On: 15/09/2008

Prostate Cancer is the second most common form of cancer in men but what if you could take steps to prevent it? This September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and while cancer is scary, you can take positive steps to protect your prostate. You might even be surprised how pleasant prevention can be.

Researchers found that men, who averaged 21 ejaculations a month, were a third less likely to have prostate cancer, than those who ejaculated less frequently.

That's because semen contains carcinogenic, or cancer causing, substances. ¼Flushing ½ them regularly may lower the risk of damage.

You can also try drinking a daily glass of wine! One study found that the antioxidants in fermented grapes can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and cut prostate cancer risk in half!

The hair-loss treatment, Propecia, generically called finasteride, may also help reduce the likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Finasteride blocks the production of an undesirable hormone that triggers hair-loss and prostate growth. So, if you're starting to lose your hair, Propecia might be able to help you look good today and live longer tomorrow.

Follow these tips, and your prostate will have extra protection against cancer

Italian Food May Prevent Prostate Cancer Contributor: Christopher Bruno Published On: 19/09/2008

One in six men will develop Prostate Cancer during his life. This may seem scary, but here, during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, are some simple steps that can help keep you safe!

One of the easiest ways to protect your prostate is to get spicy and get saucy! A daily intake of just three cloves of garlic, or two tablespoons of scallions, can cut cancer risk in half! And two weekly helpings of tomato sauce can slice risk by almost thirty percent! Why? Antioxidants like lycopene in tomatoes and organo-sulfur compounds in garlic help these foods to fight cancer-causing cell damage.

{Extended Body} After your delicious Italian meal, enjoy a cup of green or black tea with dessert, another proven prostate cancer-fighter. And while it's not preventative, it IS smart: Make sure to see your doctor for annual prostate exams after your 40th birthday. Caught quickly, almost 100 percent of prostate cancers are curable a statistic sure to make it easier to endure that gloved finger!



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