Hemoglobin Is Very Low And How I Can Get More
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The hemoglobin level is given by the amount of iron that our red blood cells pick up the famous red blood cells. These red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues that need to be collected and used.

The height makes it difficult for oxygen uptake is difficult, usually the high hemoglobin levels are higher, about 15 g / dl and 12 g / dl in Costa Rica.

For specialists, anemia has been underestimated for too long. The disorder is more prevalent in people over 65 years, according to studies.


One study concluded that the incidence of anemia among the elderly was four to six times higher and that affects nearly one quarter of people over 75 years. In a study of people with heart problems, for example, for every 1% decrease in hematocrit, the mortality rate increased 1.6 percent. In a study of about 79,000 patients hospitalized with heart attack, blood transfusions were lower the mortality among those with a hematocrit of less than 33% on arrival at hospital.

Vitamin B-6 pyridoxine

Among the many benefits of vitamin B6, that is, pyridoxine, we find that helps digest proteins and fats, helps form hemoglobin antibodies and also to avoid nerve and skin disorders.

As we know, excessive consumption can have negative consequences, in this case neurological disorders and numbness. For its part, the deficiency of pyridoxine in the diet can lead to problems such as irritability or depression, while it can generate the appearance of cold sores.

The study appears in the May 27 edition of the journal Circulation Research.

"Hemoglobin needs its natural partner in the blood, nitric oxide, to fulfill its function of carrying oxygen to tissues, but current treatments administered nitric oxide-free hemoglobin," he said in a prepared statement study leader Mark Dewhirst, professor of radiation oncology.

"By itself, actually reduces hemoglobin oxygenation to the tissues because the blood vessels constrict, reducing blood flow," said Dewhirst.

That means that when hemoglobin is administered alone, it could cause potentially fatal side effects, reducing the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

But tumors often are low oxygen, making them more resistant to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the researchers noted. A method using hemoglobin to safely administer oxygen to tumor tissues might improve treatment.

Leukemia Glossary

Leukemia or leukemia is a group of malignant diseases of the bone marrow (blood cancer) that causes an uncontrolled increase in white blood cell (WBC) clonal bone marrow, which often go to the peripheral blood but sometimes they do not (leukemia aleucémicas). Certain malignant proliferation of red blood cells is included leukemia (erythroleukemia).

Red blood cells, red blood cells have the important job of carrying oxygen. These cells, which float in your blood, begin their journey in the lungs, where they pick up oxygen from the air you breathe. Then they travel to the heart, which pumps the blood, delivering oxygen to all parts of the body.

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