Hepatitis Causes And Symptoms And Natural Home Remedies For Hepatitis Or Inflammation Of The Liver
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Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. The liver can become inflamed as a result of chronic, excessive consumption of alcohol, exposure to toxic chemicals, allergic reactions, or overdoses of some prescription drugs, but it is most commonly caused by viral infection. Most cases of viral hepatitis tend to be acute, that is, they generally last for a few weeks. Chronic hepatitis is an inflammation that lasts more than six months.

Symptoms of Hepatitis 1. Pale stools, dark urine and abdominal pain or discomfort. 2. Nausea and vomiting, general discomfort, loss of appetite. 3. Aching muscles and joints, 4. Fever and jaundice (indicated by yellowish tinge to the body fluids, whites of the eyes and skin).

Causes of Hepatitis Viral hepatitis is contagious and is easily passed on. 1. Hepatitis A – is passed through contaminated foods, water and human feces. 2. Hepatitis B – It spreads through blood transfusion, sharing of contaminated needles, sexual intercourse, direct blood contact, saliva, cuts or scrapes and pregnant women who are carriers can pass it on to the child. 3. Hepatitis C – Direct blood contact and sexual intercourse.

Prevention of Hepatitis 1. Use condoms and avoid multiple sex partners. 2. Get a Hepatitis B blood test done when you are pregnant, if the result is positive then your physician will take the necessary steps during childbirth. 3. Use only new (sealed) needles or properly sterilized needles for injections or acupuncture the body. 4. Cook your food well to avoid getting contracted by Hepatitis A. 5. Get inoculated against Hepatitis A and B.

Hepatitis Cure Treatment: The treatment of hepatitis depends on the extent of liver inflammation. At times vitamin K injections are administered to reduce the inflammation of the liver. Apart from this, medicines that are protein rich are administered and a low fat, low oil, bland diet is prescribed to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the liver. Rest is the most important part of the regime as during this time, the liver is actually regenerating itself and you will be totally sapped of strength and any exertion could send you into an unconscious state and damage the liver further.

Natural remedies for Hepatitis 1. Breakfast should be heavy, and meals throughout the day should be small. This helps to cope with nausea. 2. Avoid alcoholic drinks or it may damage liver further. 3. Taking enough rest is very important. 4. After going to the bathroom wash your hands well.

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