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Many women with small sized breasts wish to have enlarged breasts because that would make them look voluptuous and sexy. Small breasts often diminish a woman's sex appeal and give a shattering blow to her self-confidence and feminity.

Women, who wish to enhance breast size and yet avoid cumbersome and costly surgical techniques like silicon implants or wearing of push-up bras, can definitely opt for a natural way to enhance breast size, and Total Curve natural breast enhancement therapy is perhaps a good way out.

It would nourish the breasts, helping them to grow from within by supplying the female body with necessary hormones for enhancement of breasts. This therapy would give women mental satisfaction rather than choosing artificial methods, for what it harnesses for the purpose, is the woman’s own body.

Total Curve functions in a three fold way: Firstly, it consists of a supplement in the form of a capsule to be taken daily. This single capsule contains natural phytoestrogens that play the same role as the female built-in hormone estrogen in enhancing breast size and improving breast health. These phytoestrogens, in other words, promote a secondary breast growth, for they function like estrogens had functioned at puberty, contributing to increase in breast size.

Secondly, it also consists of a lifting and firming gel that contains Volufiline, a clinically proven breast enhancement ingredient and a breast tissue stimulator. This gel has to be massaged on breasts for 60 days, and it would definitely enlarge breasts up to 8.4%. The capsule and gel would work effectively if routine-wise exercises are done, and that makes the third step of Total Curve therapy.

These exercises are quite easy to perform. They would develop and tighten breast-supporting muscles, thus lifting up breasts and check them from sagging. 6-12 months of usage of Total Curve products can fetch desired results for its customers.

The composition of Total Curve products is purely herbal. The capsule is composed of herbs like black cohost root, buckwheat leaves, water cress leaves, wild yam, thistle, hops and fennel seeds. The herbal composition of the firming gel includes extracts of aloe Vera, mango butter, bearberry, Vitamin C, caffeine and algae.

All these herbs work collectively, enabling women to have firm, fuller breasts. A balanced combination of these herbal ingredients tones up breast muscles, perfects the shape and size, prevents sagging that usually comes with age, thereby helping the women to have a pair of attractive busts.

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