Herbal Sleep Aid Is Free From Harmful Side-Effects
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Sleeping disorders are common these days. Many people are victims of inadequate sleep, disturbed sleep or total loss of sleep. Sleeplessness is also known as insomnia and people who experience sleeplessness are insomniacs. Sleeplessness may be transient (lasting for less than a week), short-term (ranging between 1-3 weeks) and chronic (extending beyond a span of 3 weeks).

Some do sleep but experience poor quality sleep. They wake up several times in the midst of sleep and wake up too early in the morning. They also fall in they category of insomniacs. One, who experiences sleeplessness, knows well the predicament of turning and tossing in bed in a desperate attempt to fall asleep.

Sleeplessness is followed by day time drowsiness, fatigue, loss of focus, impaired memory, loss of social interaction and irritability. Sleeplessness is caused due to several reasons like stress, phobia, depression, changes in work shift and sleeping environment, uncomfortable sleeping environment, sexual dissatisfaction, asymmetrical sleeping pattern, excitement before bed time, excessive alcoholism and nicotine dependence, aches and pains, habit of taking short naps during day-time, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, acid reflux disease, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, allergies, medications like antidepressants, pain-killers, alcohol containing cold and flu medicines, corticosteroids etc.

Driven by the frustration caused by staying awake when all else are sleeping, and moving out of bed bleary-eyed at the sound of alarm in the morning, many people lay hands on whatever sleeping aids they get in market. But the synthetic sleeping pills, sedatives produce less desired results and do more harm to the body. Therefore, best is to opt for products with herbal composition for they are free from harmful side-effects. Melatrol is one such revolutionary herbal sleeping aid.

The product helps you to fall asleep quickly. As soon as you close your eyes, you will trail in to deep sleep and wake up cheerful, energetic, refreshed and resourceful the next morning. The supplement accelerates sleep hormone production and rectifies the sleep cycle naturally. It also soothes the mind and body, and takes stress out of your lives. You can free yourself from insomnia symptoms with Melatrol.

The chief ingredients of Melatrol are melatonin, 5-hydroxy tryptophan, valerian root, passion flower, rhodiola rosea extracts, and gamma amino butyric acid. These potent herbs ensure sound, peaceful and long hours of sleep. Ward off insomnia, stimulate sleeping process and restore health with the absolutely safe and pure Melatrol.

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