Herbs For Menstruation Relief And Get Rid Of Menstrual Disorder
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Menstrual disorders can disrupt a woman’s work, movement, sexual relations, sleep, or family duties. When menstrual disorders have been present for a long time, it can affect a woman’s mental and physical health. Apart from this there is no permanent treatment to stop menstruation. In these crucial time women has to care of her and also support from her family. The best method to treat with menstruation is drink excess water. It will help you to lessen the bleeding as well as painless menstruation.

Regular exercise or yoga is also helpful to avoid menstrual disorder. Yoga is one of the ways by which you can overcome from this menstrual disorder. Taking proper training helps to do yoga properly, learn postures. Exercises and yoga are very useful method to cure from excess bleeding. Learn some postures like prayanam. It helps you to lessen the bleeding and also reduce the pain. Apart from this exercises and yoga gives energy to your body.

Avoid excess usage of antibiotics it can be harmful because these antibiotic contain very strong salts which are not good for sexual health so avoid the intake of antibiotics.

There are number of herbs which treat with menstruation. This is the excellent method to deal with menstruation. Herbal treatment does not have any kind of side effects. An herbal treatment does not helpful only to menstruation but also for over all health problems and gives proper blood circulation and energy to the body.

Herbs for Menstruation Relief: -

• Angelica is also an herb which helps in menstruation on time and also breaking up the stagnation in the reproductive system. • Papaya is helpful in treating menstrual problems. Women (especially young females) anguish from poor flow of blood through their menstrual period or those who experience severe pain all through this period should eat raw papaya. • Avoid alcohols, drugs and smoking as they cause irregularities in periods. So by avoiding this you can have periods on time. • Ginger is also an herb it is the commonest herb and easily available in the grocery shop. Ginger also used normally in our daily food. It can be used as fresh or powder. Chop ginger and boil for sometime and then strain and drink. It helps you in reduce the excessive bleeding. • Parsley is the herb which stimulating a lack of periods. Parsley herb is the common herb and easily available in the grocery shop. It can be consumed as tea. Take 3 or 4 cups of parsley tea if there are delayed in menstruation. • Rosemary and feverfew herbs are also good herbs for lack of bleeding. These are garden herbs and used for distillation. • There are many more herbs for menstruation like marigold, mango bark and bark of ashoka tree.

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