Herbs For Stress And What They Can Do For You
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Can there be a more obvious stress relief strategy than to do all of your physical being calm? Meditation techniques often involve visualization of something calm, like a screen or white clouds. Or it can mean clearing your mind entirely. If stress is caused by how we allow our minds caught by worries and fears, then replacing those worries and fears of images is the most obvious way to calm reduce stress. You may register for a free course on meditation techniques to reduce stress in my website.

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According to traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong helps to restore energy, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and remove toxins from the body. It is believed that the practice of Qigong can relieve pain by stimulating endorphins (the body's natural painkillers), and strengthen the immune system by increasing lymphatic fluid.

Although Qigong is widely recognized as a form of stress and relaxation, there is controversy as to whether Qigong can actually cure diseases. Nevertheless, Qigong is often prescribed as a complementary treatment for certain diseases.

Examples of Scientific Studies

Numerous studies, mostly in mainland China, have documented the ability of Qigong to treat disease. However, most of these applications have not been verified by scientific studies in Western countries because there is currently no widely accepted instrument for measuring the strength of Q, or understand it fully, using the tools of science west.

That said, millions of people worldwide actively practice Qigong because of the physical and mental health benefits they personally experience the use of Qigong in their own lives.

Examples of scientific studies indicate that the health benefits of Qigong:

  • Improvement of hypertension: A study by Huang Zambia Fujian (China) found that patients with hypertension, who self-administered Qigong, the results improved versus control groups. They had increased weight, accelerating the increase in earnings power, less diarrhea, and other positive results.
  • Lowers blood pressure: A study by Columbia University indicates that practicing Qigong can lower blood pressure.
  • Detoxify and Treat Addiction: A 1999 study by Li, Chen and Lu Qi issued suggests that, in combination with self-administered Qigong, can treat heroin addiction by detoxifying the body.
  • Improved immunity: The Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine noted that the emitted Qi increased cellular immunity in cultured blood cells.
  • Inhibit Tumor Cells in Rats: The Jiangsu Provincial Research Institute conducted a study showing that a Master Qigong practitioner inhibited tumor cell growth, improving the healing power of the lymphatic system and shrunk the tumor cells in rats.

Taking herbs for stress relief is an inexpensive and easy to improve your well-being. They are easily accessible and very safe. There are even teas at your local market. Some of these teas are much stressed relief. If you want to try a gentle but effective way to fight against the negative effects of stress, give these herbal remedies a try.

1) Siberian Ginseng - This herb packs a punch when it comes to stress relief. Its advantages are: increased resistance to stress, fight against mental fatigue, relieves fatigue, depression and anxiety, increases energy, reduces irritability and lethargy and strengthens the nervous system. What more could you ask for a herbal treatment?

2) Ashwagandha - If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, it will be extremely useful ashwagandha. It normalizes the adrenal and other bodily functions, increases energy, promotes energy and works as an anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory properties of Ashwagandha are essential in times of stress. Excess stress can sometimes cause systemic inflammation.

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