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Herbs have been used for hundreds of years before Christ. Perhaps from time humans first began to roam the earth. Using herbs is the only way that these people had to heal and regain health.

In the 1800 century, physicians would bleed their patients because they believed if a person was sick, your blood contained the disease. There was some truth to this and some people get well and others would get sicker or bleed to death.


Each period in history has had an idea of health that does not work and does not make people sicker. Herbs, all with time, have had effective and useful in all kinds of diseases. Herbs now work as they have in the past. If they did, they would have been abandoned in the past and you never have heard of him.

In the Nineteenth Century

At the end of this century, people began increasingly to move to the cities were getting away from traditional herbal medicine use herbal and mother. In cities, the new doctors practicing the use of new products called drugs. Drugs, isolated active chemicals removed from the herbal plant were applied to a disease in concentrated form. In this way, drugs are a poison and kill and destroy more than the disease in your body. Taken over a long period, will eventually cause death.

It seems so strange that in the past doctors bleed people to eliminate poisons in the blood of a person, that right, and today the doctors put the poison in the blood to make people well. Is this right?

Herbs are considered food since it comes from plants, trees, berries, fruits and shrubs. Is herbs, fruits, vegetables, and juices that are the foundation of all remedies and natural medicines. Combine this with the good thoughts and exercise and you have a formula to cure disease.

Eating the correct proportions of these foods, gives health that was intended by nature. It is the work of natural nutritionist gives the correct proportions. When you are sick, look for herbal combinations as a starting point on getting well. Herbs take longer to heal, so just stay with him.

History provides some clues as to which herb remedies can help support good health. Ginkgo biloba for example may be the oldest herb known in human history. Fossils of the ginkgo biloba tree have been found dating back to the era Paleozoic million years ago. In China, the leaves of the tree have been used as one of the most popular remedies of the herb for more than five thousand years.

The Amazon rainforest is home to many plants and herbs known. Scientists hope today that could be home to many new herbal supplements that could lead to new medicines.

Each year science learns more about how herbs and plants are good for your health. It is becoming more and more like the quote from the Bible says, "the fruit of the tree is for man's flesh, and leaves for medicine man."

Note: The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Herbs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Always ask your doctor before taking herbal products.

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