Hiatal Hernia Symptoms
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Hiatal hernia is a dysfunction which happens within the body when an organ protrudes past the muscle walls which are responsible for holding that organ in place and inside the body. This protrusion emerges within the upper section of the stomach into the thorax from a tear in the diaphragm.

A hiatal hernia can be caused by birth defect, accident or injury and by pressure from being overweight or pregnant. And those with GERDs disease seem to be at a higher risk level of developing a hiatal hernia. However it can also be caused by obesity or pregnancy, which creates extra pressure on the stomach. Others causes include injury or accidents.

In some cases patients are unaware they have had a hiatal hernia and it is only discovered by a doctor performing an xray. Others seek out help due to painful symptoms. Most people do not have symptoms and no treatment is needed. If symptoms do occur, initial treatment may include medication to control acid reflux (GERD), and a change in diet.

Weight loss is often recommended as a means of reducing the pressure on the hernia. Many sufferers can benefit from exercise, not only to build strength around the area, but to aid digestion and metabolic rate as well as boosting the immune system and improving overall health.

Preventing hiatal hernia symptoms and treatment that is safe can come in many forms that you may never have thought of. Luckily there are many safe and effective natural remedies for hiatal hernia symptoms and treatment. This abnormal condition may then cause further complications. While hiatal hernia symptoms may vary amongst patients, there is always a chance for a patient to suffer from heartburn, chest pain and regurgitation.

Most hernias, if monitored correctly, are relatively harmless, with the most severe symptoms being those of acid reflux and gerd, which you can easily manage with diet and lifestyle changes. There are a number of practices that can increase the possibility of getting a hiatal hernia.

As time progress you may experience more symptoms including abdominal discomfort. This abdominal pain can also venture into your chest. This happens because the stomach becomes trapped above the diaphragm. Herbs and spices that can either be used in cooking or by themselves including; ginger, basil, mint, licorice root and fennel seed. Honey.

Honey can be used to combat symptoms of hiatal hernia either by itself or drinking it with herbal teas. These signs and symptoms tend to become worse when you lean forward, strain, lift heavy objects or lie down, and they can also worsen during pregnancy. Unfortunately surgery and drugs mean dangerous side effects and possible complications.

However, just because you have heartburn does not automatically mean you have a hernia, and so you are strongly advised to ensure that you keep a close eye out for other hiatus hernia symptoms so that you can more readily identify whether or not you are indeed suffering from this.

The next step down the line is surgery especially in cases of a strangulated hiatal hernia (complication of a hiatal hernia when part of the stomach that is herniated becomes twisted or pinched by the diaphragm).

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