Hiccups Remedies
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We have all been tormented by hiccups at some point in our lives those annoying, involuntary fits that can make it nearly impossible to carry on a conversation, eat a meal or even maintain a train of thought. Most of the time, doctors never find the cause of hiccups.

When a cause is found it is almost always something that irritates or presses on the nerves leading to the heart, lungs or diaphragm, such as a tumor, stomach ulcer, or irregular heart beats. Hiccups are not as painful usually, though they can be very irritating at times. When they continue for a long period, they are very irritating.

In some cases, individuals who are experiencing chronic hiccups may have them because of another type of medical problem. For example, some people who have alcoholism, pneumonia, uremia, diaphragm pleurisy, bowel diseases and stomach or esophagus disorders may experience chronic hiccups.

Hiccups are known to fade away after an hour or so but there are some remedies that can be used if you want to get rid of them at the earliest. The exact cause of hiccoughs is not known to medical science. But Ayurveda holds the gastrointestinal tract responsible for them. They can be caused due to minor problems such as flatulence and constipation.

Hiccups is not really a serious problem. You need not to panic because it can happen to anybody and will surely disappear. But you can do a lot of things to hasten recovery from hiccups. One of the things that you can do is to pat your baby on his back. Take a deep breath and immediately let it out. Now take another deep breath and hold it.

In your mind, start to count to 20. Holding your breath is one of them. Others find relief in drinking cold water, gargling while holding one's breath, coughing, sneezing, putting a pinch of salt on the back of the tongue, breathing into a paper bag or a sharp yank on the tongue. Being startled can also stop hiccups in some people.

The most popular hiccup remedies involve drinking water in unusual ways and patterns. Drinking a glass of water holding your breath is a favorite cure. So is drinking the water in 15-20 small sips. In 2 cups of water boil 5-6 crushed green cardamoms. Boil it till reduces to 1 cup. Allow it cool down and strain it. Drink it slowly when still lukewarm. This is highly beneficial natural remedy for hiccups as it soothes the irritation in diaphragms.

smoking and drinking alcohol can also cause hiccups. A rapid temperature change outside or inside your stomach, from a cold night or a hot beverage, can be irritating enough to induce hiccups. Finally, emotions shock, excitement and stress -- can also trigger a hiccup fit. Wait for 5 minutes before you begin any hiccup remedy regimen!

In our experience and observations close to 90% of all hiccups will simply go away on their own within this time frame. If you have persistent hiccups, they could be the cause of acid reflux, in which case you should be experiencing other acid reflux symptoms aside from the hiccups including heartburn, belching, regurgitation, coughing, etc.

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Hiccups Remedies


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