High Blood Pressure Causes And Symptoms And Home Remedy Treatment For Hypertension
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Hypertension or high blood pressure, as it is more commonly known, is regarded as a silent killer. It is a disease of the modern age. The fast pace of life and the mental and physical pressures caused by the increasingly industrialized and metropolitan environments have a role to play in the rise in blood pressure. The heart is responsible for pumping blood through the arteries to the various organs and parts of the body.

The pressure that is exerted on the walls of the arteries with the passage of blood is what is defined as blood pressure. Blood pressure is measured with an instrument called sphygnomanometer in millimetres of mercury. The highest pressure reached during each heart beat is called systolic pressure, and the lowest between two beat is known as diastolic pressure. Most young adults have blood pressure around 120/80. It increases normally with age, even going upto 160/90. High Blood Pressure Causes

As mentioned above excess stress, unhealthy food habit (especially high calories food, excess intake of salt) all lead to high blood pressure. The other major causes for high blood pressure is alcohol, smoking, excess consumption of tea and coffee, pain killers and other strong medicines, genetic disorder, overweight, problem in thyroid and kidney, irregular heart beat and chest pain, and diabetes

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Person suffering from high blood pressure suffer lots of problem. It is a kind of silent killer which slowly starts affecting the entire body system. The main high blood pressure symptoms are severe body pain (especially in the neck and the lower part of the head), nervousness, chest pain, high sleeping tendency, weakness, heavy bleeding from nose, inability to control emotions. There are several home remedies for the treatment of high blood pressure. However, the best way to stay away from this disease is not to take too much stress, eating balanced diet, and live a stress-free life.

How to Lower Blood Pressure?

Walk – One of the major causes of High Blood Pressure is excess of weight. The best way to reduce it is walking. Due to excessive pressure on your heart, it does not pump well and thus is low on Oxygen. Walking allows your heart to pump and take in oxygen. Walking in high speed is not necessary, it will only exert your body. Walk at a brisk pace. Everyday walking will increase your speed automatically.

Deep Breathing – Stress is also one of the causes of High Blood Pressure. Regular practice of deep breathing and meditation can cure the condition. It is said that we don't inhale the amount of oxygen which is needed by the heart. Deep breathing allows the flow of right amount of oxygen. Deep breathing and meditation also helps you to strike the right balance and relieve you of tension.

Potassium Rich Food – Potassium is a boon for your body during High Blood Pressure. Potassium rich food includes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, peas, and prunes and raisins. Include them in your regular diet.

Avoid Salt – Salt is high on sodium, which is as good as poison for your body. Put very less salt in your food and avoid taking extra salt with meals. Lime, garlic, pepper and other herbs can be used a substitute.

Dark Chocolates – This is good news. High Blood Pressure can reduce with the intake of Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate has a substance called flavonols, which makes your blood vessels more elastic.

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