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High blood pressure, else known as hypertension is a condition caused due to an elevation in systemic arterial blood pressure. Drowsiness, headache, nausea and vomiting are some of the common symptoms shown as a result of high BP. Probability of getting hypertension increases with diabetes, obesity, tension and stress. If not taken seriously, it may lead to several health hazards like heart failure, stroke and myocardial infarction.

Chronic kidney disease, vision loss, aortic dissection and arteriosclerosis are other complications caused due to high BP or hypertension. Following a healthy balanced diet, keeping blood sugar level under control, controlling body weight and avoiding smoking are some of the preventive measures helping in controlling high BP.

Hawthorn herb, belonging to rose family is one of the important high BP supplements commonly used for hypertension treatments. This medicinal thorny shrub is mainly seen in Europe, Asia and Africa. Supplements prepared from hawthorn herbs are generally very effective and relatively safe. When taken in over dosage, it may produce some side effects like stomach upset, dizziness and headache.

Today, hawthorn supplements are easily available in the market as liquid extracts, capsules, tinctures and as tea packets. Lycopene is another high BP supplement widely suggested for hypertension treatments. Patients with high blood pressure are often recommended to follow a healthy balanced diet with more concentration of lycopene. Tomatoes, watermelon and grapefruits are some examples of foods with rich concentration of lycopene.

Intake of ginkgo biloba is a natural high BP supplement used for lowering high blood pressure. Gingko biloba extract is taken from the leaves of ginko biloba plant. Antioxidants present in this medicinal plant like terpenoids and chemical flavonoids helps in reducing high BP. This natural cure for hypertension is safe to use up to a certain limit. Sometimes, over dosage of ginkgo biloba may increase the production of insulin which impact negatively in the case of diabetic patients.

BP formula is one among the high blood pressure supplements commonly available in the market. This tablet is a composition of garlic, potassium, magnesium and hawthorn. Intake of BP formula tablets helps in lowering blood pressure and enhancing blood circulation. Lack of side effect is one of the main advantageous in using this medicine for high blood pressure.

Intake of potassium supplements is an important high blood pressure supplement widely suggested for hypertension treatment. Patients with hypertension are often advised to include more concentration of potassium in their diet. Spinach, sweet potatoes, oranges, tuna, bananas, tomatoes and molasses are some of the food items with high potassium level concentration. Folic acid rich food supplements are other best known high blood pressure supplements commonly prescribed by physicians.

Studies say that, folic acid plays a major role in controlling high BP of women. Kidney beans, brown rice, asparagus and citrus fruits are examples of foods rich in folic acid. Fish oil supplements, coenzyme Q10 supplements, calcium supplements and magnesium supplements are other high BP supplements used for hypertension treatment. All these natural treatment are very effective in treating hypertension.

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