Hold Me Close My Darling
Sunny • on 12 years ago • 1 min read

When summers have passed beyond my fingers on both hands When the color of my hair matches the color of the full moon

When my body takes a different shape and the pounds are easily seen When the excitement felt from my touch seems to lose its magic

Will you see me in a different way? will your love for me change? Or will you whisper each morning I am still the love of your life?

Will you look upon me with the eyes that adore and cherish me then? Reminding me why you chose me to be the one you share your life with?

Will your voice of reassurance when I am blue, be a measure of your love? Cradling me in your loving arms when you see a tear escape my eye

All of these questions and many other's wander through my mind as I say Hold me close my darling and let me feel your heart beat against mine


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