Holder Our Idol MJ
vicky222114 • on 10 years ago • 1 min read

I am a music fan. Playing music, making music, enjoying others music . My idol - M.J always give me inspiration to make my own music. His splendid performance and sing is what I worshiped. But, the serious is M.J leave us, forever. There will be nobady could exceed his achievement, but, what i can do is record his brilliance.

I collect many DVDs of M.J. Since he gone, I realized how precious these DVD are. I backup the DVD onto Blu-ray dic to share it with my friend, and convert the recorded music video into HD video for much better output. All I did is just to keep the impression of M.J on my mind, on people's mind.

Though MJ left, but he is always in our daily lift. Best wishes!


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