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If you think you do tedious peeling your face once a week or if you find a joke to fill up your bathtub with milk to get soft skin you'll be amazed by how far we can get some Hollywood stars to maintain faultless appearance! Here are the top most bizarre beauty treatments we've ever heard!

Can Angelina Jolie have renounced riches and have turned to charities and volunteering, but when it comes to appearance, allowing herself a few moments of luxury ... As revealed several publications a year earlier, the beautiful actress makes exfoliation ... caviar to keep her face pale! The treatment costs above $200 and Angelina turned to it to remove skin wrinkles gained with her pregnancy.

A snake bite can be fatal, but some famous actors, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Mesingk argue that snake venom can do wonders for the face! The treatment, which costs $ 185, has anti-aging properties as well as the SPA, the state that apply poison tightens facial muscles, reducing wrinkles.

You wonder what is the secret of Demi Moore Who at the age of 47 looks at least ten years younger and has won the heart of a man less than 15 years. As revealed by the actress a few months ago in the television broadcast of David Letterman, has the facial skin of young and vibrant thanks on ... leech! The Demi Moore travels to Australia, where it undergoes a special treatment sticking to leech!

All the odd tips for hair care that you heard from your grandmother surely can not be compared with the treatment applied by one of the most popular beauty salons in London. The institute uses Hari's a mixture of bull semen and a rare plant from Iran, Which is ideal for those with damaged hair care from styling. According to officials of the institute, the bull semen contains proteins that nourish and strengthen hair...

TIPS- MAKEUP ORIENTAL: We will establish step by step process to become an oriental beauty in a simple way. First, apply anti dark circles there should be no trace of shadow on the eyes and then apply makeup base whose color must be in harmony with the skin tone of our neck to make it natural. The next step is to look into the eyes. To achieve proper intensity will have to shape your eyebrows correctly.

After we get your eyebrows with eye shadow. We apply a balm to the lid protector to be fixed then the color better. The color choice is critical, our advice: purple or burgundy. Do not forget to carefully work the outer eye and define an almond shape to be one of the keys to success to characterize them as Orientals. Finally, blurs the eye shadow with your finger, to achieve a more natural, impressionist style.

Cheeks and lips. In order not to skip the traditional use pink to highlight the cheekbones, make beautiful lines and get a cheek that capture light. For the lips do not hesitate to cover them with a protective balm first and then use a brush to give them a mushy texture and appetizing.'

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