Home Décor Ideas And Tips For Home Decorating
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Home interior decor is a personal and uniquely creative experience that is shared by people as they step into their abode of joy and dreams. Create the perfect home interiors. The wall colours, furnishings and the right home accessories create the perfect look for each room.

The home interior decor is a reflection of the varied taste and style of the people. One can plan the look and feel of the rooms which is no less than a work of art. With changing lifestyles, the concepts of designing have also gained drastic changes.

The newer home decorating ideas and products are made keeping in mind, the space utility and individual preferences. They are a perfect blend of practical and personal designs with diverse themes and trends in home interior decorating.

The three most important components that make up the perfect home are:

  1. Reflection of individuality

  2. Comfort

  3. Organization

'Transitional Style' will include all of these elements and make a new style of home interior decoration that is fast gaining popularity. With a traditional and contemporary elements, your home will get a trendy and retro look.

Home Interior is a part of the personal style and artistic inclination of life stylists. Home designs are too many and they are beautiful and self expressive. While decorating a home, space planning, lighting, furniture and windows are important. There are 4 different types of design patterns that life stylists, architects and interior designers Follow.

Formal Home decor

This refers to period homes and hotels. Some basic characteristics of formal décor include:

  1. Tall windows, windows with heavy treatments, fireplaces, large mirrors, etc.

  2. One needs to keep both lines and symmetry in mind in order to create a formal setting.

  3. In most cases, furniture is arranged in a straight line inside the room and furniture and accessories are arranged in pairs.

Contemporary Home decor

Contemporary Home décor is a style that is very simple and is categorized by neutral and earthy colors.

Some of the typical characteristics of contemporary home décor are:

  1. Use of distinctive outline, linear patterns, geometric shapes and shades of black as the primary color.
  2. Striking color patterns like use of red with orange which are part of the décor scheme.

Casual Home Décor

This particular style is very common in urban set ups and also refreshingly done so friends and colleagues can come over. It uses minimalist décor and is preferred by most working professionals. Some of the characteristics of a casual home décor are:

  1. Makes use of textured patterns and very soft fabric

  2. There is no perfect symmetry. There are gentle curves and rectangular shapes which are a contrast.

  3. The furniture is arranged in diagonal lines

Interior decor – While working on the interior designs, it is advisable that you gain adequate knowledge on interior designing. You can get a mini course on this which will make you an accomplished interior decor master. While learning the rules of interior design, one must keep in mind that the interiors must reflect your lifestyle and tastes. Some of the essential components include:

  1. Proportion

  2. Balance

  3. Contrast

  4. Rhythm

  5. Harmony

  6. Pattern and Texture

Interior decor is the art of decorating a room that not just looks appealing but also one that has existing architecture. Home and decor work towards providing a distinct feel to your room that encompasses wall paper, painting walls and other surfaces. Choosing various furniture and fittings and artefacts and sculptures. Interior decor focuses more on finishes like wall paper, paints, window covering and furnishings.

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