Home Remedies For APPETITE
Shilpa • onHealth & Beauty 11 years ago • 1 min read

Good appetite is associated with a hypertonic stomach, normal muscular efficiency and digestion. Probably it depends upon pleasant odor and memory of good food and sharpness of appetite. Further some individuals have likings for a particular kind of food often from habit. This food habit is another important item in inducing good appetite.

Hunger is a painful sensation when the stomach is empty for sometime, caused by increased tonic and peristaltic action of the gastric contents. After a normal meal, the stomach slowly relaxes comfortably accommodating the food.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder affecting mainly girls or women, although boys or men can also suffer from it. It usually starts in the teenage years. On account of any mental depression or a fanciful idea (especially for reducing obesity), she takes less food than normal. The appetite gradually lessens.


  • To stop you from overeating take 10 deep breaths immediately. Take the breaths as deep as your body will allow you.

  • To decrease appetite stop using artificial sweeteners (even Splenda) and stop eating the sugar-free candies. This is an effective home remedy for appetite.


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