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Athlete's foot which is also known as ringworm of the foot can be treated by some effective home remedies for athlete's foot. This condition occurs due to a fungus called trichophyton. In addition, this fungal infection is scientifically recognized as tinea pedis. Also, this is a very common infection these days, and up to seventy percent of the population has to suffer from this infection at some time during their lives.

The fungus thrives when foot is warm and moist for very long time infecting upper layers of the skin. The home remedies for athlete's foot helps to eliminate this fungus effectually. Also, this fungus can infect any part of the body including trunk, arms, legs, hands, scalp, feet, nails vagina and groin. The home remedies for athlete's foot is effective on any of the effected parts of the body.

The skin of the many infected people does not produce any symptoms, and thus the person is not aware about the infection. Also, many infected people think that they have just dry skin on the soles of their feet, which is a common symptom of the infection. The dryness may be associated with itching and burning. In addition, the skin of the infected people peels frequently. The home remedies for athlete's foot can help the skin to heal rapidly.

But, in severe cases it is found that the infected person has to suffer from pain, cracking and bleeding also. Moreover, in rare cases it is found that skin of the infected person blisters. The home remedies for athlete's foot is found to be useful for severe cases also. Also, this infection is contagious, and a person may get infected if his body comes in the contact with the infected skin. However, whenever a person finds out about the infection he may use home remedies for athlete's foot to prevent spreading of the infection.

There are some effective home remedies for athlete's foot which are mentioned ahead.

  1. Take one cup of apple cider vinegar, and dilute it by mixing one cup of water in it. Use this solution to wash the infected skin. Do not use towel or dryer to dry the skin, let it dry itself.

  2. This is another useful remedy that needs apple cider vinegar. Prepare a solution by mixing equal amounts of vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Apply this solution on the infected area with the help of cotton balls. Let the solution to work for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

  3. To prevent fungus from growing, soak your feet in vinegar for 20 minutes. Use this remedy until infection heals.

  4. The antibiotic properties for garlic help to eliminate the fungus. Take some crushed garlic and apply it on the infected skin. Let it rest for 30 minutes before rinsing off. Use this remedy once a week, and in case if garlic burns, use diluted garlic juice.

  5. Prepare a mixture by mixing equal amounts of tea tree oil and olive oil. Apply this mixture on the infected skin thrice daily.

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