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Body odor is one of the unpleasant things that we don’t expect. Body odor is affected by what sweat glands emit. If body odor is very unpleasant it may affect your social life.

Symptoms for Body odor Body odor symptoms Being nervous or anxious could be a symptom of body odor. Heavy sweating due to strenuous physical exercise should tell you that you are going to smell badly. You may feel the unpleasant odor yourself.

Causes for Body odor Body odor causes Body odor may be due to serious illness. Body odor may be due to kidney disease, fungal infections liver disease and so on If you take some strong medicines then the smell of those medicines may be present in your body odor. Diabetic patients may smell of acetone because of insulin that they take. If you drink alcohol, smoke cigarette or cigar you will have an unpleasant body odor. Body odor may also be due to zinc deficiency, cavities, toxins and so on. It is often related with sweating of the body, but the unpleasant odor is mainly due to bacteria present in the sweat. The major non-food reason for body odor due to sweating is the sweat glands under the arms and in the groin area. Poor hygiene is the most common reason for body odor.

HOME REMEDIES FOR BODY ODOR AND PERSPIRATION Remedies for Sweat Use antibacterial soap or deodorant soap to combat body odor due to sweating. Wear cotton clothes during summer so that the sweat is soaked up. Instead of using deodorant, wipe your sweat producing areas like armpit using white vinegar or alcohol. Avoid using antiperspirant because they clog sweat glands, use alum instead. Apply some baking soda on arm pit, it will absorb sweat and kill bacteria. Other Remedies If your body odor is caused due to any medicine that you are on, then you need to talk to your doctor. Soak yourself for 15 minutes in bath water with couple of cups of tomato juice in it. Use baby powder to keep areas of heavy perspiration dry. Apple cider vinegar can be used to combat under arm odor.

For excessive underarm odor, use a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide (3%) Put a teaspoonful in a glass of water and wash the underarm.

Frequent bathing is good for those who are troubled with skin odors. In some people merely shaving the hair from under the arms may relieve this problem.

Add three cups of tomato juice in the water and soak for fifteen minutes or longer. It will help to get rid of body odor. This is one of the best home remedies for body odor.

Take juice of about two dozen radishes, add 1/4 teaspoon of glycerin, and put in a spray-top bottle. This is an effective home remedy for body odor. Use as an underarm deodorant or to reduce foot odor. .

Clothes should be loose as they allow the body to breathe better than tight clothes. The perspiration escapes and doesn't become a breeding place for bacteria. The type of fabric is also very important.

Synthetic fabrics for shoes and clothes don't allow the body to breathe, so natural fabrics are better than synthetic fibres. Change clothes regularly.

Dietary changes are also very important in decreasing the body odor. Certain foods, such as meat, onions, garlic, exotic spices, and drinks such as coffee and alcohol can lead to body odor. Try removing these from diet for a week or two and see if this makes a difference.

Tobacco use is a major cause of body odor. If you stop smoking it may take several weeks for the body to rid itself of odor causing substances.

Rosemary is an antibacterial herb. Put 8 to 10 drops of the essential oil in 1 ounce of water and apply it where needed. One of the useful home remedies for body odor.

Wash your armpits with alcohol, white vinegar or witch hazel instead of deodorant.

Apple cider vinegar also helps to reduce under arm body odor when used in place of deodorant because it reduces the pH of the skin. Bacteria can't live in areas with low pH.

Baking soda acts as an agent that kills the bacteria and helps to absorb perspiration. Cornstarch can also be used or it can be mixed with the baking soda.

Chewing parsley, alfalfa and other leafy greens also helps to neutralize body odor, because of the deodorizing effect of the chlorophyll.

Herbalists suggest drinking a cup of sage tea daily reduces swea



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