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Candidas are fungi which is commonly present in everyone. When this fungus overgrows it gives rise to a disease which is known as candidiasis. Additionally, the candidiasis is completely treatable with home remedies for candida. The fungus infection of any candida species may cause candidiasis but, particularly the albicans is the species that commonly cause candidiasis. Moreover, the people commonly know that candidiasis is a yeast infection; and the other names of this infection are candidosis, oidiomycosis and moniliasis. The home remedies for candida can effectively eliminate any species of the fungus causing candidiasis.

As mentioned before the candida fungus is commonly present in everyone, but its growth is limited by our immune system and some bacterium. But, there are some causes that may lead to overgrowth of this harmful fungus, and home remedies for candida can effectively treat any cause of candidiasis. The prime cause may be psychological or physiological disturbances which may perturb the vaginal flora which contains the lactobacilli bacterium that keeps this harmful fungus from overgrowing. The home remedies for candida can increase the lactobacilli bacterium in the body.

Moreover, pregnancy and oral contraceptives may increase the risk of candidiasis. Moreover, frequent usage of contraceptives and in pregnancy, the hormonal imbalance may be caused due to which a person may be more prone to the candidiasis. Also, diabetics and people using anti-bacterial medications can also suffer from this disease. In addition, the infertility treatment and hormone replacement therapy increases the risk for a person to suffer from this unwanted disease. At last, the people whose immune system is either weakened or else underdeveloped may suffer from this disease. According to studies, nearly 15 percent patients of candidiasis have weakened immune system. The home remedies for candida will not only cure this undesired disease but it will also increase the immunity.

  1. In case of oral infection prepare a mouthwash from following ingredients. Take 6 to 8 drops of tea tree oil and mix it in a glass of warm water. Gargle thoroughly with this mouthwash for about a minute. Use this remedy twice daily, once in morning and once at night before going to bed.

  2. To keep the albicans in check, intake of yogurt may give the desired cure. Eating a bowl of plain yogurt will increase the number of lacto bacillus bacteria in the body which is necessary to prevent overgrowing of the albicans. This is the most effective remedy amongst many other home remedies for candida.

  3. In case of vaginal infection dip tampon in the yogurt, and insert it in the vagina. Use this remedy at least twice a day.

  4. This is another remedy for vaginal infection. Prepare a douching solution by mixing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water. Also add one garlic clove. Let the mixture to set for at least two hours before douching.

  5. This is another remedy using apple cider vinegar. Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in two cups of cold clean water. Before going to the bed, gargle mouth thoroughly with the solution. Also apply apple cider vinegar on the sores and let it stand overnight.

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