Home Remedies For Chronic Constipation
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Constipation is a hold or failure in the stool (feces expelled in small quantities, too consistent, with difficulty at the time of defecation, sensation of incomplete evacuation). There constipation when there is a frequency of less than one bowel movement every three days. When this limit is exceeded, the normal pace is a bit subjective; some people need to go to the toilet three times a day, while others only three times a week.

Constipation occurs with poor or very dry stools and prolonged periods between them. Belly bloated and heavy in the presence of many gases. The origin of these so general is:

• Poor diet (too much protein-meat, fish, eggs, Lech and derivatives.) • A food product that contains little fiber or has been subjected to a process of refinement food is not comprehensive. • Food low in fruits and vegetables. • Lack of exercise. • Lack of regular bowel habits. To get this habit we have to get used to empty the bowel as soon as we feel the need to. • If you have a predisposition to constipation, it is best used to plant herbal tea digestive after meals. For constipation point there other plants gentle but effective laxative effects exerted a stimulating action on the intestine, accelerates transit and manages to retain more water in the stool, so that they become softer and better disposed.

Home Remedies for Constipation

• Drink plenty of water, fluids are essential to keep the stool soft and help to pass through the colon. • Eat amounts of fiber: whole grains, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Some foods are excellent providers of fiber: apples (with skin), prunes, cherries, tomatoes, apricots, orange and tangerine with bagasse, pear, onion, peas, beans, dried beans, raisins, corn and nuts. • Take soup loaded with wheat bran. • The consumption of raw onion in the salad acts like a broom in the intestine. It also prevents the accumulation of putrid fermentation in this organ. • Council for babies: take a lump of butter into the hot milk bottle. Butter is a lubricant and will work naturally. • Take two cups a day of infusion of senna leaves. • Take two glasses of guava juice before getting up, fasting is an excellent laxative. Clean the bowel if also makes liquid diet that day.

Please note

• Stress enhances the constipation. In susceptible individuals, usually a stressful situation triggers a crash in the evacuation. • The holidays are a common cause of constipation due to changing water and food, to changes in defecation habits by the time change and stress. • Constipation can cause migraines, and skin. • Typically during pregnancy • Women are more likely than men and increases with age. • Some medications such as antacids, antihistamines, sedatives, antidepressants, cause constipation, as well as calcium and iron supplements • The coffee is not a laxative. • Chronic constipation may predispose to colorectal cancer

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