Home Remedies For CRAMPS
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Cramps can be defined as an unpleasant and painful sensation of the muscles. They are normally caused by overexertion of the muscles, causing them to contract and shorten painfully.

Cramps can also be triggered by the cold weather. Other causes of cramps could be food poisoning or illness.

If you suffer from cramps all of a sudden, there are the home remedies that can give you relief readily available from your kitchen counter.

Home Remedies For Cramps Home Remedies for Cramps with Hot beverage: If you get the cramps, try to sit and relax for a while. Then drink some hot water with ginger in it. You can also take a hot cup of tea or coffee if you find water with ginger not pleasant to your taste buds.

Treat Cramps with Pickle Juice:Cramps can be very painful. To counter the pain, ask somebody to get you the pickle jar from the fridge. Drain its juice and drink it. You should drink at least a cup of pickle juice for the cramps to disappear fast.

Natural Treatments for Cramps with Hot compress:If these juices and beverages are nowhere in sight for some reason, just get the heating pad and put it on the affected part. You can also use a hot compress or any water bottle filled with very hot water. Place it exactly on the painful area and just leave it there until the pain subsides.

Natural Remedies for Cramps with Peppermint candies or lollipops: You might look like a child asking for some treats with these home remedies for cramps. But they really work so give it a try. Find yourself some lollipops and peppermint from the candy jar. Finish it up and your cramps should go right after.

Remedies for Cramps with Massage: No other remedy would be best for cramps other than a good massage.

However, you have to remember this rule of thumb when massaging muscles to relieve cramps: rub the muscles that are the exact opposite of the affected area. For example, if the cramped muscle is the lower thigh, massage the upper thigh muscle to achieve the desired results.


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