Home Remedies For Dry Hair - Natural Cures And Herbal Treatment
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Dry hair gives the look of unwashed straw. Near the base the dry hair grows thicker but gradually towards the end the hair becomes thinner and results into splits of hair at the ends. This problem of the hair is caused due to the heat and the elements so to protect our hair we must prevent the condition of heat and the element.

Hot dryers and the heat-styling implements must be avoided to protect your hair in a proper manner. If you are going to exposed to the sun or heavy winds for a long period then you must put on the scarf and the hat.

Our hair also becomes dry due to atmospheric pollution. In this condition we have to take some extra care of the hair. While washing your hair you must make use of shampoo and conditioner which contains humectants. To have an effective effect of the conditioner, leave the conditioner on your hair for longer time. Make a habit of doing deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

Home remedies are very effective for treating the dry hair. Some effective and popular home remedy for treating dry hair -

  1. Dry hair can be treated effectively by doing proper oil massage. It is done like nourishing as a warm oil massage. For this process take half a cup of coconut oil. Add 4 almonds in this oil after crushing it. Place this mixture in a pan and steam it. Apply this mixture deep into your scalp and into the roots of the hair in warm condition only. After applying warm oil cover your head with a towel and remain in this condition for half an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo.

  2. Next home remedy for dry hair treatment is with the help of banana nourishing pack. Take two ripe bananas and mash it properly. Add half cup of beaten curd into the mashed banana and mix it properly. Apply this mixture to your scalp and also cover the end of your hair with this paste. Leave this paste for 15 minutes and then shampoo your hair in a routine way. A dramatic change in the texture of your hair can be noticed.

  3. Take a cup of milk and add a beaten egg in it. Squeeze a juice of lemon in this mixture. You have to add also a teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil. Massage this mixture properly into your hair and cover it with a towel. Leave your hair as it is for an hour then rinse it properly.

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