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If there is one thing that bothers and irritates most women around the world then it is the problem of dry hair. No woman likes to have a dull and dry mane, and they all want it to be smooth, shiny and lustrous. Dry hair bothers those women even more who have very long hair, and feel embarrassed that they can't leave their hair open.

To some level, people's lifestyles are to be blamed for the kind of hair damage they face. Late night parties or late nights in office, excessive stress of deadlines and work, improper diets and nutrition, and no regular hair care all lead to dry hair.

If you too are a person who is suffering from the problem of dry hair, then it is time to bring about some changes in your lifestyle and follow some simple home remedies for dry hair, before its too late and your hair starts turning grey or starts falling.

One of the most important things for dry hair is oiling. You must have often heard about 'warm oil treatment'. It is nothing fancy, but a simple home remedies for dry hair, which includes massaging your scalp and hair with warm oil. Do it twice a week and let the oil remain for a couple of hours before washing. Within just 2 weeks, you will see that your hair has become noticeably smoother and easier to manage.

Change of shampoo and other hair care products is a must, if you are determined to treat your dry hair. Switch from chemical based shampoos to herbal-based shampoos. Herbal or natural shampoos are made of natural extracts, which have no side effects and do not cause any damage to your hair. Try and get shampoos and conditioners, which have olive extracts in them, as olive is known to add shine to the hair.

A very common reason for dry hair is too much of styling or experimentation with your hair. When you constantly straighten, curl, color or crimp your hair, or get other kinds of stylized treatments on your hair, then it becomes weak, dull and dry. Therefore, go in for styling only when it is an absolute necessity.

Chances are that your hair is dry because of some strong medication that you are on, or because of prolonged illness, excessive stress or some serious disease. In such cases, it is best to make sure that you are consuming healthy foods, so that they compensate for the bad happening to your hair. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and eat protein and vitamin rich foods. Remember, proper intake of food goes a long way in maintaining beautiful hair.

Applying a beaten egg on your scalp and hair for around 1 hour before washing also brings back the lost smoothness and luster. Similarly, you can make a natural hair pack with the help of Henna and yoghurt, and apply it to your hair and scalp. It will also help you to cover the grey hair and will give a nice, healthy look. Try these home remedies for dry hair and get good and satisfactory results.

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