Home Remedies For Hair Fall That Are Simple, Safe And Natural
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These days almost 80% of the world population is tormented by the problem of hair fall. Situations are worst with people who are conscious about the thinning of their hair. They may have nightmares regarding baldness and may even experience psychological setbacks.

Home remedies to check hair fall

Below are some simple home remedies that have been proven beneficial in preventing and controlling hair fall and dandruff. All the remedies given here are very simple and effective in improving your hair condition.

  1. A paste of fenugreek seeds and water may be applied on the scalp, and left for 40 minutes before washing. This will reduce baldness.

  2. One may boil a cup of mustard oil and pour four tablespoon henna or mehendi leaves powder in to it. Massaging bald patches regularly with this oil will prove beneficial.

  3. Massaging scalp with a mixture of honey and egg yolk is good treatment for hair loss.

  1. A paste made out of two tablespoon curd, one tablespoon lemon juice and two tablespoon raw gram powder may be applied on the scalp and hair, and left for an hour before washing. This reduces hair fall and also leads to healthy lustrous hair.

  2. Rubbing bald patches with freshly cut onions, and then applying honey on the bald patches is a common home remedy for hair fall.

  3. Applying the juice of green coriander leaves on head is a beneficial home remedy for loss of hair.

  4. Applying of coconut oil mixed with lime water daily checks hair fall.

  5. A mixture of lime juice and Indian gooseberry juice in equal quantities may be used to wash hair. This remedy stimulates hair growth.

  6. Intake of a cup of spinach and lettuce juice regularly prevents hair fall.

  7. Applying coconut milk all over the scalp is an effective remedy for hair loss.

  8. Regular use of castor oil checks baldness.

  9. A mixture of grounded lime seeds and black pepper may be applied on scalp daily for good results.

  10. Hair mask made out of olive oil, honey and one teaspoon cinnamon powder is an effective cure for hair loss.

  11. Massaging scalp with almond oil prevents further hair loss.

  12. A mixture of one gram black pepper and 100 grams of curd may be applied on hair, left for an hour, and then washed with warm. This home remedy is quite effective in treating hair loss.

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