Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure - Improve Arterial Health
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This article emphasizes on some simple, natural and safe home remedies that are helpful in lowering blood pressure. These remedies not only help control BP but also support and improve overall health and wellbeing.

  1. One may consume two to three cloves of garlic twice a day. It helps in lowering blood pressure, restricts spasm of small arteries and modifies heart beat and pulse rate.

  2. A mixture of two tablespoon Indian gooseberry juice and honey may be taken every morning in empty stomach. This checks high BP.

  3. Lemon is very beneficial for treating high blood pressure. The Vitamin P content in lemon is effective in preventing capillary fragility.

  4. Grapefruit, also rich in Vitamin P, helps in toning up arteries and checks high BP.

  1. Dried or roasted watermelon seeds may be consumed daily along with water. They dilate the blood vessels, thereby controlling the BP elevation.

  2. Rice-based diet is very suitable for a high BP patient. Rice is low in fat, salt and cholesterol content. The calcium rich brown rice relaxes the nervous system, and acts as a safeguard against high blood pressure.

  3. Boiled potato is a helpful remedy for high BP. The magnesium, potassium and sodium content in boiled potato lowers blood pressure.

  4. A parsley leaf beverage may be prepared by simmering 20 grams of fresh parsley leaves in 250 ml water. This may be taken frequently throughout the day. It helps in improving the arterial health.

  5. A solution prepared by adding one teaspoon cayenne pepper to half cup lukewarm water may be taken daily. This is an effective home remedy for high blood pressure.

  6. One may take one teaspoon fenugreek seeds with water every morning in empty stomach. This helps in controlling BP.

  7. Consumption of fresh papaya daily on empty stomach also lowers BP.

  8. One may take 2-4 leaves of holy basil and neem on empty stomach for at least 10 days. This treatment checks BP level.

Hope this article will help you to know some of the effective natural remedies for high blood pressure. A healthy heart is the key to a good health and helps you live longer and healthier.

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