Home Remedies For Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
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High blood pressure (Hypertension) also known as hypertension is a disease of the modern age. We can call it as silent killer. The fast pace of life and the mental and physical pressure increases the adrenaline in the blood stream and this causes the blood pressure to rise. The force exerted by the heart as it pumps the blood the blood into the large arteries creates a pressure within them and known as blood pressure.

Everybody has blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is generally less than 130/85. When blood pressure readings rise above 140/90 on a regular basis, this is called high blood pressure, or hypertension.

The reason we shouldn’t fully rely on high blood pressure (Hypertension) medication is because it is not a cure for hypertension. It is only a way to synthetically make the arteries relax to lower the blood pressure. It is only a way for the heart to pump slower to lower the blood pressure. It is only a disguise to hide high blood pressure(Hypertension).

Symptoms of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure): -

• Nausea and vomiting sensations. • Excessive sweetening. • Red eyes. • Burning sensations. • Vertigo ands dizziness. • Pain at the back of the head and neck. • Pain in the region of the heart. Causes of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure): -

• People with a family history. • High intake of sodium. • Kidney disease. • People who follow fast and faulty lifestyle. • Advancing age. • High alcohol intake. • Obesity. • Job stress and insecurity. • Emotions like anger and fear. Home Remedies for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure): -

• Grind equal amounts of watermelon seeds and khas khas and keep together. Take one teaspoonful with an empty stomach and one in the evening with water for lowering blood pressure. This can be taken 3-4 weeks according to the requirement. • Blood pressure affected person must eat vegetables raw as much as possible by him instead of cooked ones. Onions, cucumber, radish, cabbage, carrot are the vegetables that can be eaten raw also they contain some essential oils that help in bringing down the pressure. • Lemon juice is also good home remedy for high blood pressure. • Regular exercise can help reduce your blood pressure along with weight. But the results will be noticed only after a few months. • Keep fast once a week or in 15 days. This helps in normalizing the digestive system, but if you feel weak and tired, fasting should not be done. • Amla taken along with milk daily also helps in lowering the blood pressure. One of the best home remedies for high blood pressure. • This is one of the effective herbal home remedy for high blood pressure using Potato : It normalizes the blood pressure. Boil potatoes in water with salt added to it. Because of the peel the potatoes do not absorb much salt. But it becomes a tasty food item. It is useful in high blood pressure. Potatoes contain magnesium which lowers the blood pressure. • Triphala is beneficial for heart patients. It is a combination of three fruits amla, harad and bahera. Soak one teaspoon of triphala powder in water at night, filter it in the morning and drink the water daily.

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