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The home remedies for jock itch can cure the problem effectually. But, it is important to understand some facts about this problem. The jock itch has many names, medically it is called tinea cruris or eczema marginatum; and commonly it is famous as crotch itch or crotch rot or ringworm of groin. This is a dermatophytes fungal infection that affects both genders; however it is more common in the male gender. Moreover, this infection affects the groin region of the body. The home remedies for jock itch can eliminate the infection quickly.

There are many bacteria and fungus that lives inside our body and some of these are essential for the body whereas the other microbes multiply, and infect us. The condition of crotch itch occurs when a particular fungus multiplies in the groin region. Moreover, this fungal infection causes itching or burning sensation or both. Also, this infection may affect the groin, thighs and anal region. The skin color of affected area may turn red, tan or brown. Also the affected skin may crack, ripple or peel. In addition, the infected area might be raised red plaques, and may blister and ooze. The home remedies for jock itch can treat the infection, and relieve both itching and burning sensation.

This infection commonly affects the adult males. Also, the fungus that causes crotch itch survives in the warm, moist regions of the body, and it can be triggered by the prolonged wetness. Moreover, the crotch itch may be infectious, and it can infect a person who comes in direct skin to skin contact with the infected person. Also, the infection may be transmitted by wearing unwashed clothes of the infected person. In addition, this fungus usually thrives in the upper thigh, and does not affect the scrotum or male organ. The home remedies for jock itch that may help a person to get rid of this unwanted fungal infection. There are some effective home remedies for jock itch that are mentioned ahead to treat the infection quickly.

  1. Add a handful of oatmeal in bathtub. Pour cold water, and soak yourself in the tub for 50 to 60 minutes. It will treat the itching and burning sensation

  2. Take bath regularly; add 5 tablespoon of turmeric powder in the bathtub. The antiseptic properties for turmeric will treat the infection, and eliminate the fungus.

  3. Always wear outfits that are made of cotton. Also, use cotton underwear only.

  4. Avoid hard physical work because it may trigger the sweat glands due to which infection may become worse.

  5. Mix coconut juice with tomato juice. Apply this mixture on the affected area to quicken the healing process.

In conclusion, the above mentioned home remedies for jock itch are very effective, but it is also important to keep body cool and dry. Also, use such outfits that absorb the sweat. In addition, it is also recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle, and healthy eating habits. Moreover, to prevent any kind of infections keep body hygienic and clean. Finally, if the mentioned preventions and home remedies for jock itch are paired together, a person can achieve a complete cure as well as it may prevent recurrence.

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