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The first recipes of curing impotence can be found among the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. As a means from invalidity it was recommended to use datura seeds and inflorescences of male fern for wrappings and ingestion. In most cases, such advices did not bring the desired result, but doctors continued to search for effective means.

In the Middle Ages, when the authority of the church was undeniable, the cause of impotence obtained a new interpretation. Devilish forces were blamed nationally in the male infirmity. It was created tractates on this subject with the methods of getting rid of the disease.

A particular emphasis was put on the plots of witches, and that is why recovery required the capture and elimination of witches. Impotents began eagerly to carry into effect the recipes of the church to get rid of the scourge. Besides, the tractates invoked the men who lost power to the blessing, advised to spray walls of dwelling with dog blood and throw the fish bile around it.

Attempts of Dr. Johann Weyer in 1563 to persuade desperate husbands that their weakness is caused not by witches spells, but natural causes and adverse effects of medicines have been misunderstood and unaccepted by people. No one wanted to understand the natural reasons; it is much easier to accuse witchcraft. Therefore, the version of witches monkey tricks existed till the nineteenth century.

Only at the end of the XIX century the physicians and scientists paid attention to the problem of male impotence. Innovation belongs to the American William Hammond, explaining that the cause of male impotence is not spells, but masturbation and early sex. According to his theory, the sooner the man indulges in sexual activities, the faster he consumes his energy.

The American derived his formula from impotence. During the year a man must not have any tries to love, and not even think about the lust. It was strictly forbidden to sleep on the back. As preventive measure it was recommended not to begin having sex before 21 years, and after that – not to indulge in vice more than three times a month and, of course, no masturbation. Hammond theory was accepted without reservation.

As a treatment an American suggested not only various kinds of shower and physical exercises, but also the stimulation of the penis by electrical current. Hammond’s like-minded persons offered such treatments as: burning and flogging of a causal place with rods and nettles. And the inventors and craftsmen started to manufacture the male chastity belts, the main material for which was an iron.

Modern methods of curing.

The twentieth century has got rid of men not only from wild methods of curing, but also presented a new approach to the problem of male weakness. Impotence has been regarded from the viewpoint of psychology and physiology, and treatment was assigned complexly. Masturbation was declared not only harmless but a useful kind of sexual satisfaction. And the offensive word “impotence” has been replaced by a less friendly phrase “erectile dysfunction”.

The issue of how to last longer in bed has been quite pressing for many of men since ancient times. If for some men this problem is more about to make a splash, for others it is a token of their marriage. There is much info on how to last longer in bed for men on the online network but before getting plunged into analyzing a bulk of results, look through this how to last longer in bed site – perhaps it’s just what you are looking for.

Herbal Treatment for Sexual Weakness

Primary causes for semen leakage is weakening of parasympathetic nerve, this nerve is responsible for keeping semen locked and maintaining erections, strengthened parasympathetic nerve ensures no semen leakage and longer duration of erections whereas weak nerve allows semen to leak and also to discharge immediately after arousal and person losses his erection too.

Hormonal imbalance also causes sperm leakage, over production and secretion of sex hormones makes the body chemistry of an individual extremely sympathetic which causes over production of certain other hormones like serotonin and neurotransmitters which can drain out bio-energy very soon to cause sexual weaknesses like premature ejaculation and semen leakage.

Herbal Treatment for Impotence

Prostatitis is another cause for sperm leakage; swollen prostate gland hold seminal fluids which are pushed put during erection or while making movements like sitting and getting up and also after urination and bowel movement.

Prostatitis can promote the problem of sperm leakage which can later get aggravated to cause various other types of sexual weaknesses. PC muscles which are responsible for controlling flow of urine and semen out of the shaft if get weaken also allow semen to ooze out without erection and also contribute to initiate sexual weaknesses like PE.

Excessive semen leakage promote symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, thinning of hair, thinning of urine stream, pain in testicles, burning sensation during urination, cramps in pelvic cavity and pain in the male organ. Treatment shall be taken immediately to resolve the problem once these symptoms become evident. Herbal supplements like Shilajit and NF Cure capsules are extremely effective in curing various types of sexual weaknesses and also semen leakage. Regular use of these herbal supplements helps in strengthening nervous system and improving sexual stamina and strength.

Almond milk twice a day is also very good for gaining control over ejaculation. Taking hot water tub bath for at least 10-15 minutes can help in relieving irritated prostate gland which can bring problem of semen leakage under control to a large extent. Healthy sexual behavior is compulsory to alleviate the problem of semen leakage and related sexual weaknesses, arousals without ejaculation or too frequent or too infrequent ejaculations shall be avoided. Avoiding too much caffeine, alcohol and spicy food also helps in making the treatment more effective.

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