Home Remedies For Pink Eye Can Effectively Treat The Mucous Discharge
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Conjunctivitis or pink eye can be treated effectively with the help of home remedies. The infected person just has to ease the eye instead of trying various treatments.

The condition of pink eye is medically recognized as conjunctivitis. And this ailment can be treated effectively with the help of home remedies for pink eye. This is a common ailment in which the inner membrane of the eyelid and outer layer of the eye gets inflamed due to which the eye looks reddened.

In addition, many people recognize this problem as a very severe one, but the fact is that conjunctivitis is not a cause of much concern, and it can be treated completely with the help of home remedies for pink eye. The infected person just has to ease the eye instead of trying to treat it.

There are many reasons due to which one can suffer from this problem. The most common reason for conjunctivitis is bacterial or viral infection, and some allergy may also cause this problem. In the condition of bacterial infection there is heavy discharge of mucous form eyes, and home remedies for pink eye can effectively treat the mucous discharge. Moreover, in the condition of viral infection the mucous discharge is comparatively less.

Additionally, in the condition of allergy both eyes redden, and ooze tears instead of mucosal discharge. Also, in the condition of viral infection the antibiotics does not work because viruses are immune to them, in such unpleasant times when one cannot rely on medications, the home remedies for pink eye can provide a helping hand. Also, the natural treatment of home remedies is free from any kind of side effects unlike the medications. There are some home remedies for pink eye are mentioned ahead to solve the problem quickly.

  1. The Indian gooseberries are best in treating the problem effectively. The remedy is quite simple; just squeeze out a reasonable amount of juice and mix honey in it. This concoction must be taken three times in a day to solve the problem rapidly.

  2. Coriander leaves are miraculous in the treatment. Just apply dried leaves of coriander on the top of the affected eye. The coriander leaves will work as a coolant which will relieve the eyes.

  3. The seeds of coriander are also effective coolant for eyes. Soak some coriander seeds and rinse the eye. This remedy must be used several times in a day.

  4. It is important to increase the intake of vitamin A. Include milk products, mangoes and tomatoes in the diet to cure the problem rapidly.

There are few preventions that will help the home remedies for pink eye to work more effectively. When suffering from this problem it is important to avoid watching television and computer for long time. Also, avoid swimming, but in need, it is important to use good swimming goggles that may prevent the water from entering into the eyes as chlorine in the water of swimming pool will increase the problem.

In addition, it is important to wash eyes with clean water many times in a day. Also, increase the intake of fluids throughout the day. Moreover, one must avoid rubbing the eyes as it may increase the intensity of the problem. When these prevention and home remedies for pink eyes are paired together the complete cure will be achieved.

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