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Home remedies for poison oak are the fastest and quickest treatment available right after getting stuck in the situation. Additionally, unlike its name the poison oak is not an oak tree but a plant. Moreover, poison oak causes allergy as soon as person get in its contact. This plant is found in the western coast of United States and Canada. This plant is very common in these regions.

Additionally, this plant occurs in the California woodlands and Douglas fir forests. The vine of this plant climbs up the trees that are grown in the damp, semi shady areas. Also, this plant thrives by sunlight, and needs water only during spring. When a person comes in the contact of this plant he suffers from severe allergy, and home remedies for poison oak can help to get rid of the allergy very rapidly.

The appearance of this plant is extremely variable. Moreover, it can grow as a dense shrub when exposed to open sunlight. The leaves are divided into three leaflets which may be 3.5 cm to 10 cm long, and may resemble the leaves of the true oak. In addition, while first unfolding the leaves might be bronze colored, in the spring it might be bright green, yellow green or reddish in the summer, and in the fall it may turn to red or pink. Also, it bears only berries after the cold weather sets, and without leaves it can be recognized by black marks on the stems that are formed when milk ooze out of the sap. The home remedies for poison oak can treat the allergy caused in any season.

The surface of the leaves of this plant contains an allergy causing chemical which is known as urushiol. According to the studies, nearly 30 percent of people were found to be showing no allergic response, but a person may get sensitized by repeated exposure to urushiol, or when comes in contact with much concentrated urushiol. The home remedies for poison oak can treat the allergy even when a person is affected by very much concentrated urushiol. Moreover, the very first effect of the allergy might be itching. Afterwards, inflammation may evolve along with skin colored bumps. Additionally, blisters will appear when scratched, which will worsen the problem. The effect of reaction much resembles as burns. The home remedies for poison oak can help to reduce the intensity of the allergy. Few very effective home remedies for poison oak are mentioned ahead.

  1. Prepare a paste of leaves and stems of jewelweed plant which is also known as 'touch me not' plant. Apply the paste in the affected area after washing the affected area with cold clean water.

  2. To get instant relief rub rind of lemon, orange, banana skin or water melon. In case the itching continues apply paste of baking soda and water.

  3. Prepare a mixture of equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water. Apply on the affected area with a cotton swab and leave it to dry. Use this remedy until you get relief.

  4. Take two cups of oatmeal in a cheese cloth. Add it to running water in the bath, and let steep for ten minutes. Soak in this tepid oatmeal bath. Afterwards, apply calamine lotion.

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