Home Remedies For Sweaty Palms - Treat This Embarrassing Condition
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Home remedies for sweaty palms can treat this condition naturally. This condition is medically known as palmar hyperhydrosis.

The home remedies for sweaty palms can treat this embarrassing condition. This condition is medically recognized as palmar hyperhydrosis. In addition this condition is directly related to focal hyperhydrosis in which a part of body perspires excessively. This condition affects nearly 2 to 6 percent of world population. It is true that a person can get rid of this irritating condition with the help of home remedies for sweaty palms. But, before moving towards treatment let’s understand some facts about sweating.

Sweating is commonly known as perspiration, and it occurs to maintain the body temperature. There are certain glands in the body which secretes the water, and dissolved salts. Also, the sweat contains little amount of urea in it. Moreover, when sweat evaporates from the skin it cools down the temperature. Also, perspiration may occur in hot weather or when muscles heat up due to exertion. In addition, a person perspires more due to nervousness or nausea. Moreover, a person may perspire more while suffering from illness. The body of a person contains millions of sweat glands, and half of them are located in the hands, and one third in the palms. When the sweat glands of palms perspire more, it can annoy the sufferer, and home remedies for sweaty palms can prevent the annoying situations.

Due to any underlying physical condition palms of a person may perspire even when there is no physical exertion. This may cause discomfort and annoyance. Moreover, everyday we shake hands with many people, and sweaty palms can embarrass us when we shake hands and our palms are not dry. The home remedies for sweaty palms can help to get rid of the embarrassment. There are some simple yet effective home remedies for sweaty palms which are mentioned ahead.

Firstly, baking soda can surprisingly cure palmar hydrosis. Add baking soda in a bowl filled with warm water, and dip your hands in this mixture for 20 minutes. This remedy works because the sweat is acidic whereas baking soda is an alkali, when acid come in contact with alkali it reacts to from gas; due to this reaction hands will be dry for hours.

Secondly, in a cup of warm water add half cup of vinegar. Soak your hands in this mixture for twenty to twenty five minutes. Moreover, as vinegar is an astringent it contains natural healing properties, and prevents palms from over perspiration. In addition, it is recommended to use white vinegar because it is strongest, but any other vinegar may also do the job.

Thirdly, boil the five tea bags in 3 glass of water for 15 minutes. After the water cools, soak hands in it for 20 to 25 minutes. It is well known that tea is a delicious beverage, but it also contains miraculous healing power. Moreover, it is also an astringent like vinegar. In addition, any tea bag can be helpful, but it is advised to use sage tea bags to treat the condition effectually.

Fourthly, drink tomato juice regularly because the active ingredients of tomato help to cool down the body temperature. These are some of the very effective and simple home remedies for sweaty palms, and a person can prevent himself from embarrassing situations with the help of the mentioned home remedies for sweaty palms.

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