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Backache is a pain occurring in the back as a result of degenerative ranges, injury and swelling or sporadically by cancer. The lower back gets affected and the pain sharply increases when the patient tries to bend in the forward direction.

The back strength becomes tender and weak. The backache caused as a result of age related changes are likely to spread to the legs owing to pressure on the spinal nerves. It is common among motorists, laborers and also among populace whose work involves sitting for hours jointly in the same posture.

Don’t forget the possibility of using herbs to treat a backache. Time-honored backache cures of this type include rubbing the back with oil extract from the garlic plant. This oil is ready by pan frying ten or twelve cloves of garlic in a small amount of mustard oil. After the cloves are fried, remove them from the oil and allow it to cool. Gently rub the garlic oil into the muscles of the back and allow it to stay in place for two to three hours.

Causes of Back Pain: -

There is various reasons which cause backache. The majority of these reasons are common like injuries and strains but they result in backache. Strain on the back piece like surplus lifting of weights and on the ligaments outcome in backache. An injury of the back muscle leads to backache. Disc disorders and slipped discs also cause backache. Chronic diseases like Arthritis, Peptic ulcers, abdominal disorders, Meningitis, Bone cancer,

Osteoporosis and Dysmenorrheal in women cause backache. Back pain home remedies might be effective for some forms of physical back and neck pain. Long before we enjoyed a well thought-out medical system, people treated all types of disease and injury at home. Many home remedies are actually the basis for up to date medical therapies. One thing is for sure, when it comes to relieving back pain, there is no place like home to relax and allow the treatment to function to its optimal curative ability.

• Sedentary life style should be avoided. If you possess a sitting job then always try to stretch you whole body at a gap to 45 to 60 minutes. • Don’t sit in one posture for long and avoid well cushioned seats. • Another way to reduce acute lower back problem is to get a good number of laps in a warm pool of water. • Fresh yarrow juice is a great way to strengthen the back muscles. This may help in preventing the back problem. • People suffering from strained back should rest on plain and stiff mattress with folded knee at right angles • Garlic is a great remedy for backache. Having two to three cloves of garlic every morning may give you the required results. • Infrared radiations followed by hot fomentation and then alternate sponging helps in giving instant relief from pains.

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