Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Peptic Ulcer
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The main causes of peptic ulcer are hyperacidity, spicy foods, excessive consumption of alcohol and overeating. Know the home remedies to get rid of peptic ulcer.

Peptic ulcer appears when erosion in the stomach inner lining and in the intestinal tract appears. The ulcer that appears in the stomach is called gastric ulcer while the one from the intestinal tract is known as duodenal ulcer. When duodenal and gastric ulcers are clubbed we confront with a peptic ulcer.

The main causes of peptic ulcer are excessive consumption of alcohol, hyperacidity, spicy foods, and overeating, excessive consumption of coffee, tea and smoking. The symptoms are: severe and sharp pain accompanied by discomfort in the upper area of the abdomen. If it is not treated even from the first symptoms the disease develops and leads to more severe problems.

It can be successfully treated through natural remedies. It can be easily treated eating bananas. These very beneficial fruits have the capability to reduce the gastric juices hyperacidity. Banana milk shakes are also efficient in curing peptic ulcer.

The regular intake of row goat milk can be also very helpful. Almond milk obtained from blanched almonds has proved to be also a great remedy since it has the property to decrease the excessive amount of acid from the stomach.

Drinking cabbage or carrot juices can cure peptic ulcer. Making a combination from equal quantities of cabbage and carrot juice you can get greater effects. You can also boil 250 gm of cabbage or carrots in a liter of water until the liquid remain a half. Drink this liquid on regular bass.

A mixture prepared from 100 gm of yoghurt with 200 gm of drumstick paste has proved to be another beneficial treatment.

An immediate and efficient remedy to get rid of the burning sensation from your stomach is cold milk.

Another beneficial treatment consists in alternating cold and hot hipbaths for about a quarter of an hour.

Leave 10-15 grams of wood apple leaves over nigh and next morning drink the water.

Prepare a tea from fenugreek seeds. When seeds are covered by water they become mucilaginous and this mucous substance has great medicinal properties being able to cure peptic ulcer permanently.

Lime can also be used successfully in treating peptic ulcer. Lime contains mineral salt and citric acid and these substances have high curative properties.

Potato juice is another beneficial remedy. Smash a few potatoes and then squeeze them to obtain a half a cup of juice. Drink this juice in the morning on empty stomach.

Lemon has also proved to be very helpful in treating peptic ulcer. You can use the lemon extract or the lemon juice as well.

Another very efficient home remedy for peptic ulcer is active raw honey. This remedy has the capacity to heal and strengthen the lining of the stomach and to kill the bacteria that leads to ulcer.

Unripe fruits strengthen the stomach lining because they produce mucous substances that coat the lining of the stomach protecting it against the harmful bacteria. The same properties are met at all grains and vegetables, so they can also be used to cure this problem.

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