Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Tooth Pain Or Toothache
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Toothache occurs when the pulp or central portion of the tooth is affected due to one of the several causes. The pulp has nerve endings that are highly sensitive to pain, and easily get inflamed. Toothache may be mild or even excruciating, and pressure due to chewing or exposure of the teeth and gums to hot and cold substances can worsen toothache. The ache may radiate from the teeth to ear, cheeks and jaw. Let’s read this article and find some natural ways to get rid of toothache problem.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Below are some simple, safe and effective natural home remedies to get relief from tooth pain or toothache.

  1. Clove oil may be applied on the aching tooth. It checks tooth infection and also reduces the pain.

  2. Chewing guava leaves is a common home remedy for toothache.

  3. Wheat grass juice is highly effective for treating tooth decay and toothache.

  1. One may hold a clove of garlic at the base of the aching tooth to get instant relief.

  2. A mixture of half teaspoon common salt and a pinch of pepper powder may be applied on the aching tooth to get relief from pain.

  3. A paste made out of bay berry bark and vinegar may be applied on the aching tooth for immediate relief from pain.

  4. One may apply ice packs on cheeks. This is an easy way of relieving tooth ache.

  5. 3-4 drops of vanilla essence may be poured on the aching tooth for pain relief.

  6. A useful remedy for toothache is chewing raw onions. This treatment destroys the bacteria in the mouth.

  7. A paste made out of turmeric powder and mustard oil serves as an effective cure for toothache.

  8. Gargling with hydrogen peroxide after every meal is good for maintaining healthy teeth. It kills germs and checks tooth ache due to decay.

  9. Rinsing mouth with a decoction prepared by boiling 5-6 cloves and 2 inch margosa tree bark in one cup water is beneficial for managing toothache.

  10. One may boil 5 grams of peppermint in one cup water with a pinch of salt. Rinsing mouth with this water reduces toothache.

  11. One should cut down on sweet food items to get rid of toothache.

Hope this article will help you to get relief from pain and discomfort associated with your tooth. These remedies not only alleviate tooth pain but also improve your overall oral and dental health.

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